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Our patented Mess Proof Cat Neater Feeder is the first mess proof cat feeder in the world. The Cat Neater Feeder is the optimal way to keep your floors and walls safe from your cat's food and water damage. Our specially designed Cat Neater Feeder is perfect for cats and kittens of all sizes and breeds. These cat bowls can be used for wet or dry cat food. Cats and Kittens are playful creatures and often play with their food and water, leaving meal debris on surrounding floors and walls, but our Cat Neater Feeder is designed to trap and separate spilled food and water so there is no mess once mealtime has ended. The Cat Neater Feeder can be placed on the floor or counter so your cat can dine in privacy. The Cat Neater Feeder comes with one 1 cup standard stainless steel food bowl and one 1.5 cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl.
Stainless steel double Water and Food Bowls For Dog and Cat Leak proof Feeder
Keep your cat happy and well-fed with the Healthy Pet Simply Feed automatic pet feeder from Petsafe. This feeder is quick and easy to set up, offering a preset feeding schedule that automatically dispenses one meal at 8 a.m. and a second at 5 p.m. Simply change the schedule if you prefer to feed your pet at different times. Whether you’re at work, away on an overnight trip, or just hoping to sleep in, the Simply Feed ensures that pets are fed on time. Capable of dispensing up to twelve meals per day, this automatic feeder is designed to work with dry and semi-dry foods. Pause mode lets you temporarily stop meals without losing the regularly programmed feeding schedule. Ideal for cats and small dogs, this feeder features a stainless steel bowl that’s easy to remove for washing. Double Stainless Steel Cat Feeder Food and Water Bowls with Lovely Heart Retro Iron Standhot sale Messy Cats Stainless Steel Cat Feeder with Non-Slip Silicone BaseMessy Cats Stainless Steel Cat Feeder with Non-Slip Silicone Base 60%OFF
Dishes Feeders and Fountains 177789: Standing Pet Feeder Dog Cat Dishes Supplies Accessories Stainless Steel Bowls -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $67.19 on eBay!Dazone Elevated Dog Cat Feeder Double Bowl Raised Stand Extra Two Stainless Steel Bowls Washable Perfect for Water Food or Treats M1 quart 1062H * Visit the image link more details.Handmade Raised Pet Table 4 Bowls - Dinner for 2, by WoodyToolWorks, $49.50 4 Bowls Raised Cat dish feeder in Oak Finish. Appr. 10 1/4" long, 10 1/4" wide and 3 inches high. This Feeder holds 4 x ½ PINT Stainless Steel PET BOWLS that come with it. Oly ( Cat ) NOT included!These sturdy and stylish cat feeders from Stoney Creek Pet Feeders & Memorials are made from a solid slab of polished granite with two inset stainless steel bowls. The slab rests on solid granite legs with non-skid feet to protect floors. Feeders measure 12 inches by 12 inches and stand 4 inches high. You can [...]Travel Pet Bowl Set Stainless Steel Travel Dog Bowls Portable Dog Food Bowl Spill Proof Dog Water Bowl Pet Treats Toys Poop Bags Leash Travel Container for Dogs Cats Outdoor Feeding 3 Blue Dog Bowls -- Be sure to check out this awesome product.Looking for a reliable WiFi automatic feeder to feed your several cats? Petpal is the answer to your needs, this unit not only has a big hopper capacity but it's made from stainless steel, designed to last.This sculptural double feeder, designed by Jon Wesley Rahman of Holden Designs, combines molded plywood and stainless steel to create a beautiful object that also provides health benefits for your cat. Raised feeders aid digestion by preventing the physical stress that can be caused when pets eat in a bent over position. This is the [...]Extra bowls are another great Neater Feeder Accessory. It's crucial to have additional stainless steel dog or cat bowls on hand in case one of your existing bowls needs to be replaced. Many owners of multiple pets also keep additional pet bowls on hand so each pet can have their own dishes with their own scent. Our Stainless Steel Pet Bowls are available in all standard sizes to fit each Neater Feeder Model. If you have Large Neater Feeder, select the 7 cup standard food bowl or 9 cup extra capacity water bowl. Medium Neater Feeder users should choose the 3.5 cup standard food bowl or 5 cup extra capacity water bowl. If you have the cat or small Neater Feeder choose from either the 1 cup standard food bowl, 1.5 cup standard food bowl, 1.5 cup extra capacity water bowl, or 2.2 cup extra capacity water bowl.