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SSSCAT Training Aid. Petsafe's new patented SSSCAT device is a positive method to controlling your cat's territory and behavioral problems. SSSCAT TM has two elements: a motion detector and an aerosol can. | eBay!
If you are having trouble to keep your cat away from restricted areas in your house, perhaps Innotek SSSCAT Cat Training Aid can help. This ...
We use SSSCAT training aid to keep our cat off the counters (she loves parading on them when we’re asleep… we wouldn’t have known but we find kitty paw prints on our oven in the morning). It’s a motion-detected air spray that is harmless to the cat but she definitely hates it! We put them on the counter before bed. She learned very quickly when she sees the SSCAT can, she needs to avoid that particular area. Caveat – I have a very jumpy cat who is a big weenie. Maybe it wouldn’t work as well with a braver cat? Innotek SSSCAT Kit, Cat Training Aid and Deterrent * You can get additional details at the image link.SSSCat Training Aid$22Innotek SSSCAT Kit, Cat Training Aid and Deterrent * You can get additional details at the image link.
So how to keep him away from the door? After many failed experiments in blocking the door, I found a potential solution on Amazon: the Ssscat Training Aid. Here’s how it works: a motion sensor clips to the top of an aerosol can that sprays a burst of canned air whenever something trips the sensor. It’s harmless, so I figured I’d try it.Innotek Ssscat Spray Training Aid (formerly Ssscat! by Multivet)
The Ssscat Spray cat training device is another ingenious yet simple product that can detect motion from more than 3 feet away and respond with a harmless spray that will startle cats. The spray has no odor, will not stain fabric, and is completely safe for pets and humans. This product is effective and very simple to use. We also carry 4.5 oz. aerosol can refills of spray.
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Original Video by mugumoguI looked in vain for a solution. I considered trying double sided tape on the door, but then it would get all dirty and when it was time to take it off it would peel a layer of wood off the trim. That option was out. I finally found a product on that I decided to try. It’s called SSSCAT Cat Training Aid. Basically, it’s a can of compressed air with a motion sensor on it.Cats have a mind of their own and it can take time to train them that a specific room or perch is off limits. That’s where an automated and tireless monitor is on the job and the Ssscat Care Training Aid is exactly the right tool for the job.Look on Amazon for a product called a Ssscat. It's a great training aid for cats. It's how we got our cats to stay out of the Christmas tree and off of the table and counters. There are a ton of YouTube videos on how it works.