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LIGHTNING DEAL GOING FAST PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller Ultrasonic Cat Scarer £12.99
The PestBye battery operated cat repeller is highly recommended as a cheap reliable way to scare cats from your garden. I hope my review of this sonic cat deterrent has been some help for you.
PestBye is the market leader in ultrasonic cat scarers, but they do come in different formats to suit all.
The Frostfire solar powered battery operated ultrasonic cat and pest repeller does a great job of keeping unwanted garden visitors away. Any pest triggering the movement sensor will cause the Frostwire unit to immediately sound an ultrasonic tone that is only audible to the cat, or pest, scaring it away. Uniquely, this unit can be charged with a USB cable, although solar charging is generally enough to keep the unit active and scaring cats away. PestBye is the market leader in ultrasonic cat scarers, but they do come in different formats to suit all.Pestbye Battery Operated Electronic Ultrasonic Cat Repeller Repellent Scarer:Amazon:Patio, Lawn & GardenIt may be that different models and brands vary, but my friend had a sonic cat scarer and they ignored it completely.
Like me, you may already have seen cats already making use of your garden, spraying plants with their scent and scaring birds away. Of course I have no-one to blame but myself because currently I have no ultrasonic cat repellents in my garden! Why? Because they got stolen! Just like my nice garden bench that I made 2 years ago, the cat ultrasonic cat repellent has been lifted from my garden by someone with apparently a better use for it!Here’s the second of an ultrasonic cat repeller scaring off a cat. You can see how quickly the cat reacts to the unpleasant sound emitted by the repeller. The device is located at the top left behind the cat, if you watch carefully you can see it being activated as a little LED lights up. Within 2 seconds the cat is gone. The device used in this test is the .We have two videos of ultrasonic cat repellents scaring cats away. The first is a daytime example using the British device, the second is a night-time example of a cat being scared off, using the Catstop device available in the USA.A quick sidenote for readers in the UK, all of the above devices are available in the USA, for a highly recommended UK product check the cat deterrent. The catwatch is the only UK cat deterrent that is approved for use by the RSPB. We have a full review of catchwatch including a video of it scaring a cat away . Also, we have not covered cat spray, or repellents in this report which is specifically for high performing ultrasonic deterrents.Aside from the "biological warfare" take on repelling stray and feral cats, many devices exist that are capable or scaring away feline pests though the use of sound, light, or both. These units feature infrared detectors that will trigger ultrasonic noise when an animal draws near. The sounds they emit are for a human to hear, yet are unbearable for an animal, and apt to send them scurrying from your property.These devices are sometimes referred to as an electronic cat scarer, and most of these products are designed to startle or annoy the cat in some way. This usually comes in the form of either a loud noise, compressed air, an ultrasonic frequency, or a water spray.