Softpaws Com Nail Caps For Cats And Dogs

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"We've been using Soft Paws for over a year now. I made the application of them a ritual. The cats always have them put on sitting on their cat post. Ajax is always first, followed by Falstaff, and then Ariel. After the Soft Paws have been applied, they always get catnip. All three of them actually sit and wait to have the Soft Paws applied because of this ritual. I decided to use a ritual because I know cats are comfortable with rituals, and I use the catnip to zone them out so they will ignore the Soft Paws and sleep allowing the Soft Paws to dry thoroughly."

- Joy Puthoff
Softpaws Com Nail Caps For Cats And Dogs
I recently ordered soft paws for my three cats from your website. They have all taken to them well, and don't even seem to notice that they are wearing them. I also just bought a new leather sofa to celebrate my new found freedom from cat furniture destruction. Thanks. Softpaws Com Nail Caps For Cats And DogsSoftpaws Com Nail Caps For Cats And Dogs3. Will the Soft Paws nail caps for cats really prevent damage?
The compound for super glue was discovered in 1942 as scientists were working on a formulation for clear plastic gun sights. As they were working on different formulas, the scientists accidentally discovered that cyanoacrylates, one of the compounds they were studying, stuck to everything with which it came into contact. Nine years later, this compound was rediscovered. Super glue -- or a variation -- is the glue used to adhere Soft Paws to your cat’s claws.*Soft Claws® and Soft Paws® are trademarks for Soft Paws nail caps for cats and dogs of Soft Paws Inc., Lafayette, LA. Patent No. 4,962,731. Made in USA.To apply Soft Paws to a kitten’s front claws, skip the instruction to clip her claws -- at her age, her claws won’t be long enough for the adhesive to hold the nail tip on if you trim them first, according to the Soft Paws website. For all older cats, trim the tips of their claws -- only if you have experience; otherwise have your vet do it -- just enough for the nail cap to fit the entire claw surface, up to the base of the claw. After slipping the tip on to ensure it will fit a claw, remove it and fill it about a third full of glue. Gently press your cat’s paw pad to make her claws extend out. Slip the glue-filled nail tip onto the claw you test-fitted the tip on. This part of the procedure may require two people, one to hold the cat and press her paw pad, the second to slip the nail tips on. Apply nail tips to the front claws only.Just wanted to let you know that I received my package of Soft Paws today and put them on my cats and they are none the worse for it. Unbelievable!! They don't even know they're there. Thank you so much for giving cat owners their furniture back. You have taken care of the only drawback to having housebound cats. I'll be ordering again soon. Thanks so much.If the Soft Paws® you use aren't the right size for your pet's claws, they may fall off. You can find helpful tips for choosing the right size for cats here: and for dogs here: .Soft Paws® are easy to apply. Simply fill the nail cap with the adhesive provided, and slide it on over your cat's claw. The glue dries very fast. For more detailed instructions, read our .