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Life's pretty great when even your toybox is a toy! The SmartCat Peek & Play Toy Box requires cats to paw, pad, and pull their halfway hidden toys out to play. Since cats love cracks and crevices, the fun starts before they even get the toy! The SmartCat Peek & Play Toy Box comes with two toys but can be used with any appropriately sized cat toy or treat.
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Use caution when selecting toys to use with this toy box. Keep safety in mind. If the toy is one you would not give to a child that is 3 years of age or younger, don't give it to your cat! It should be free of small parts that could come off and be accidentally swallowed. Discount Cat Toys: Catnip & Wand Teasers | PetSmartSmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box (Cat Toys): A fun place for your cat s toysThe Smart Cats Bunk Bed has a cat bed, box, and kitty toys all in one.
Some cats are too smart for their own good and need an interactive toy that really exercises their brain muscles. That’s where toys like the come in handy. This box is made of wood and holds toys or catnip inside a box that’s full of holes. Hide toys in different parts of the box and let your cat fish the toys out. You can use the two balls that come with the box or add your own, like . Hi,
Some great options for toys here. I currently have the smartcat Peek a Prize toy and my cats go crazy on it. Cats are such acrobats, it keeps amazing me. I am going to try the Trixie activity center next. Do you have any advice on what treats to use?Very insightful. Toys will bring out a cat’s true nature of being curious. I especially love the KONG Playground Cat Toy Catnip Treat Dispenser. I love watching my cat gazing at the toy and its like wondering if it is actually a real mouse but I know he is a smart cat. He knows its not real and just gets his water and goes but atleast the ball gets the best of him.My ’smart’ cat looked at it, reached in, pulled out his favorite toy, looked at me with the “duh” look and walked away. Once in while he will pull out all the other toys. The Smart Cats Bunk Bed offers a bed, box, and toys all in one. Your cat can play inside of the the box and then have a nap after. The toy gets good reviews. However, this box should not be used with kittens, as some report that kittens are able to fit their heads through the holes and can become stuck. This cat toy capitalizes on a cat's natural instinct to hunt. The wooden SmartCat toy box consists of a number of holes where owners can place small balls, stuffed toys, treats, and other items cats enjoy. Cats then use their paws to remove the prizes from the box, keeping them busy for hours. Moving into the realm of automated toys, this Mystery Motion playmat features a mouse that moves at four different speeds in unpredictable patterns. Having a powered toy is great for the obvious reason that you can just turn it on and let them play. The erratic movements will keep your cat engaged for hours on three . At this price, it’s cheaper on Amazon than both Petco and PetSmart. Adopting a cat or two is a lot of fun, but you need to make sure your home is ready for your furry friends. Investing in decent toys for cats is also a good idea. Here are 3 interactive you can control from your smartphone: