Find the right litter box for your cat

Even the so-called large litter boxes sold in pet supply stores are too small for most cats
Stop wasting your time cleaning up litter mess from around your cats litter box or having to clean up tracked litter from all around your home, apartment or small studio. The Out of Sight Litter Box® is cat litter box furniture that is designed to stop kitty litter tracking, hides and contains cat litter pan mess and keeps most dogs and kids out of the litter pan! One minute in the morning, one minute at night is the only time you will spend on cat litter once you own the Out of Sight Litter Box®. Designed by a multi-cat owner who understands what you have been searching for! If you are searching for a cat tree, I am designing a cat tree – but for now, take a look at my cat litter furniture.
Also covered, or hooded litterboxes may be offensive to some cats. Be sure the litterbox is not too small for your cat. The minimum size for a litterbox is 22” x 16”.
Initially, the size of the litter box should be determined by the size of the kitten or cat. A very small kitten may need a box with shorter (lower) sides or a ramp for easier access. As the kitten grows, a larger box is generally more appropriate. Some owners prefer litter boxes with covers on them. This is acceptable if it is acceptable to the cat. You need to be sure that the cat can negotiate the opening by stepping into it and that the cat is not too large to fit into the opening. As the cat grows, ensure that the box still accommodates the cat's needs, increasing its size if necessary. Small cats, and kittens in particular, will need to start out with a small litter box, with sides that they can easily climb. Medium. A litter box appropriate for most cats.Jump to Choosing the Right Litter Box - A common cause of cats engaging in inappropriate elimination is that the litter box is too small for the catMay 19, 2017 - In a small house or tiny apartment, it can be hard enough to find space for your own things, let alone the cat's litter box
Well, we are not litter box manufacturers and are poor at marketing, so, we don’t know. Maybe, it’s easier to sell smaller box, rather that one that takes up half of the living room, maybe they’re just not that well educated, maybe it’s something else or combination of many, we don’t know. The important thing, they are too small for most cats.But all those gadgets and gimmicks--the chemical and perfume additives, the strange-shaped litters (like those pearls and "litter crystals" that are so uncomfortable for many cats' paws), the absurdly small hooded boxes, and the litter boxes that you have to plug in--all are based on the assumption that the litter box is, at its core, a problem.When it comes to litter boxes, larger is better. Even the so-called large litter boxes sold in pet supply stores are too small for most cats. The litter box should be 1-1/2 times the length of your cat’s body so that your cat has room to move around in the box and not have to step in soiled areas.Electronic and self-cleaning litter boxes are potentially too noisy (which can scare a cat) and the surface the cat stands on can be uncomfortable. Some self-cleaning boxes require the use of a special substrate which may be a texture some cats find objectionable. I’ve also found high-tech boxes to be too small for the cat. The entire box may be large but the actual litter surface area for the cat is too small. These boxes also prevent you from monitoring what is or isn’t happening in the litter box. The ability to monitor what does or doesn’t happen in the box is a valuable diagnostic tool when it comes to your cat’s health.I think most litter boxes are just too darn small, frankly. Some cats--especially females--tend to urinate "up and out" of the box. My petite little female tortoiseshell-tabby mix was notorious for this. It was as though she was using the sides of the box as her canvas for spray-painting compelling pee-art designs. I finally mostly solved the problem by getting one of those large dog-litter boxes which has higher sides and added a couple of very large hooded boxes to our mix of four boxes (for two cats). You can find the oversized, un-hooded boxes at many pet superstores or specialty pet supply shops.Large, under-the-bed storage containers, also sold in superstores, work well as litter boxes too. Avoid ones with covers and wheels. Although these come in many sizes, 40 to 60 quarts are good for most adult cats. Kittens do well with smaller ones. These under-the-bed storage containers are about four to six inches high — perfect for kittens and for cats who are physically challenged.