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The ProSelect Foldable Roomy Ivory Cat Cage is a convenient foldable cat cage that can be used in a controlled space. It can be used for new kittens and it is quite roomy with a cat sized door. The shelves are adjustable for your average sized cat to keep a secure place for them.
You can keep foster cats in this cage and installing and removing the shelves is a breeze. Providing a safe space for cats, you will be very pleased as you can even put a cat litter box in it. Being super easy to clean, it can also house small animals because of its size. It is easy to set up and take down.
You can put any fleece blanket on the fuzzy bed for your cats to rest and play and never want to leave. Your kitties are safe while on travel as the size is perfect for your litter box and food and your cats. With spring-loaded latches for easy access, cats that are new to the household can use this great cat playpen.
Also great for local animal shelter, it gives extra security to your cats with no metal flaking at all for durability. It is easy to install and easy to set up with 2 people. The front doors are large and are arched and assembling and disassembling is so easy.
Housing very young kittens, cats will be exploring the perches as it can allow access. It also comes with wheels and it also has ivory-coated wires. Also great for housing a sick little cat, with this cat cage, you can expect security throughout the entire cage.
Great for new felines as well as house homeless pets, it is the perfect cage for your needs. Pick from black, white and purple color choices for your cat condo. It is user-friendly with features and it is durable for extra strength and measures 35 x 25 x 48 inches. This cage is excellent with 4 locking casters and only takes about 30 minutes of setup time.
It is sufficiently large and the removable plastic perches are convenient. The 12-gauge wire makes it a durable and a great cat hotel for cats of all ages as well as injured pets. You can position the perches at different heights.
RV usage is just fine with this cage and it is also roomy and secure that your cats will love it. With a removable tray at the bottom for easy cleanup, it also assembles quickly with lots of room to spare. Great for use during vacation travel, there is no need for any use of tools in setting up.
The locking wheel casters makes it mobile and the top and bottom doors are sturdy. With safe rounded edges, it is super easy to assemble with enough strength and security. It is very well made for small animals and the shelves can be configured in this sturdy cage.
It includes 2 doors and has an ABS plastic pan. You can collapse the cage for travel as it has been made with a nice construction and a powder-coated wire finish.
Wire Tower 3 Tier Small Animal Pet Cat Cage Pec-903 White: Cat gift, Cat Cage
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ULTRA LITE PRODUCTS is a family owned company. We are proud to offer a complete line of premier cat condos, animal cages, cat cages, dog cages, small animal cages and other accessories at very affordable prices. Ultra Lite Products also manufactures innovative reusable Modular Components that allow you to build your own projects. We can also build a custom enclosures to your specifications. We have an enormous selection of cages and pens for raising rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, ferrets, birds, hamsters and just about any other small pets. This vinyl cage and pan combo kit is great for small dogs, puppies, cats or kittens. This cage or kennel system is easy to use, lasts a long time and is easily cleaned with soap and water. The dropping pan makes cleaning this cage a snap! A perfect small dog or cat cage. Cages can be used as a weapon of peace. Sometimes even after proper introductions cats may start to squabble, perhaps when a kitten grows to maturity and challenges the status quo of the household, or perhaps there is no concrete reason us humans can see. Either way sometimes the resolution can be found by caging the offending cat for awhile until they cool down. Depending on the situation caging or crating may be necessary. I had unaltered males running around a stud room for a number of years. I always brought in new “studs” as kittens but sometimes when they grew to sexual maturity they would start squabbling. Whenever I caught them in the act I’d put each of the offenders in a crate/small carrier for an hour. If they started to squabble again after I let them out I’d stick them back in the crate. Generally after the first or second stretch they were ready to behave themselves again. I think the record was four stints but that was it. After two months of this ritual everyone was living in harmony again, four unaltered adult males, who I was told before hand I’d never be able to accomplish!