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Slow feeder disc for dogs and cats. Dog Bowl. Cat Bowl. by bolorino is licensed under the  license.
A slow feed bowl for cats. This unique cat bowl has been created by two veterinarians ( with a cat only vet clinic), to slow down a cats eating rate and to make mealtimes more exciting. Lots of indoor cats tend to eat too fast and eat too much. However if you just restrict the food volume the cat can also get bored and develop behavioral issues. This bowl helps in the process. Made of Bamboo Fiber and rice husk it is also Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

The Bowl also works well with puppies and small breed dogs.
Canine slow feeder bowls can be great for cats too! - YouTube
Besides being an easy way to feed our pets, slow feeders are actually able to help with some common pet issues that may surface with dogs and cats.

First, they can be a great tool for dogs with separation anxiety. You can fill up a , or a and then you can leave for work, and your dog will be occupied. He will be thinking about getting that next kibble out of his bowl instead of why you left him at home alone. Then when he’s done eating, he may forget to wonder where you are and take a satisfied nap instead!

There are physical and medical concerns that slow feeders can help with as well. When dogs or cats eat their food too quickly, many problems can arise. Dogs can get gassy, dogs or cats may vomit their food back up and it can even lead to bloat, a potentially fatal issue in dogs. Bloat occurs when a dog’s stomach expands because it is full of gas, food or liquid. This puts pressure on other organs, and can block air from easily getting to our dog’s lungs. A dog’s stomach can also twist when bloated, turning upside down and cutting off blood flow, which can cause a dog to go into shock. This is very serious and if you suspect your dog is suffering from bloat, go to the veterinarian immediately!

Bloat is pretty scary, and gas and vomiting are pretty gross. Slow feeders can help to prevent these issues by causing our pets to SLOW DOWN! Slow Feeder for Cats and Small DogsWestport Slow Feed Bowls for Cats by Drs Foster and SmithSlow Feeder Bowls (great for cats too!) - - Food Puzzles for Cats
Slow Feeder for Cats and Small Dogs. Prevents vomiting and overeating. by YZZA is licensed under the license.I couldn't find anything about people using these bowls for their cats, so I made a video.

We have tried basic slow-down bowls, the Northmate CATCH feeder and the Catit Labyrinth/tower. All three are emptied very rapidly, so I needed something harder for them.

These are pretty difficult for cats. My cats are experienced at food traps and puzzles, highly food motivated and not easily frustrated. I would not advise these bowls for a cat that hasn't tried and cleaned out less complicated puzzles.Interactive Slow Feed Cat Food bowl available at Amazon -

Slow Feed Cat Bowl | Small breed dog feed bowl | Slow Feed Bowl For Pets - Slow Down Eating - Eco-friendly Durable Non Toxic Bamboo Fibre- Designed By Veterinarians - Professional Design (Blue, Purple, Ivory)

As working vets with over 30 years' experience, we are in the front line of seeing the increasing obesity in all our pets and the resultant ill health and reduced life spans. So we decided to do something about it. This bowl will help to restore your Cats natural eating habits so that meal times become fun, healthy and above all SLOWER. Eating as nature intended. This slow feeder Cat bowl is a central part of tackling the problems of pets who gulp their food, eat far too quickly, regurgitate, overeat and generally have poor eating habits. Many overweight Cats do all these! So we created this totally unique bowl for your Cats.

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