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Slow Feeder Bowls (great for cats too!) –
I tried to forage feed, but my cat isn’t grasping the concept. What should I do? Every cat is different. Some like treat balls, some like slow feeder bowls. Try different options until you find one that works. Also, some cats love to chase tossed kibble. Or you might have a scavenger hunt where the kibble is hidden throughout the house for the cat to find it. There are lots of fun ways to feed. Be creative! Drs. Foster and Smith Westport Slow Feed Bowl for CatsCat Feeders: Cat Water Fountains, Bowls & Dishes | PetSmartAikiou thin cat interactive puzzle slow feeder, the best cat feeder ever
Even though our pet cats live indoors, they maintain an instinctive desire to hunt prey. With no outlet for this behavior, cats can become bored and anxious. Lack of stimulation can develop into behavior problems such as aggression towards other pets or people, over-grooming, inappropriate urination, destructive scratching or chewing, excessive vocalization, and restlessness. A simple way to increase a cat’s level of activity is through the use of foraging toys, slow-feeder bowls, and food puzzles, which provide mental stimulation through problem solving.Outward hound mini fun feeder 3 colors pet dog cat bowl interactive feeder digestion puzzle slow anti choke dog interactive feeder pet supplies wag haus slow feeder bowl guzzle muzzle large dog for fast eaters dish helps prevent bloating gas upset stoh diarrheaJunior Interactive Bowl Abs 32 98 Polite Paws Shepher Slow Feed Dog Bowl Puzzle Healthy Eating Dish Pet Feeder Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder For Cats Pet Dog Slow Eating Bowl Kyjen Interactive Pet Feeder Pet Supplies Northmate Interactive Feeder Slow Feed Dog Bowl Ren S Pets Depot Northmate Green Interactive Dog Feeder 16 Green Interactive Feeder You Green By Northmate Tuft Of Gr Pet Feeder Slows Eating The Dog Slow Eating Bowl Green Interactive Pet Feeder Whole Slow Feed Bowl Dog From China Kyjen Dog S Slo Bowl Slow Feeder Flower Purple Green Interactive Slow Feeder Petland Canada Dog Accessories Kohepets Singapore Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl Purple Regular Fet The Bowl Interactive S For Dogs And How To Use Dog Slow Eating Bowl Green Interactive Pet Feeder Slow Feed Bowls Polite Paws S Dog And Cat At Dog Slow Eating Bowl Kyjen Interactive Pet Feeder Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder For Cats Pet Dog Slow Eating Bowl Kyjen Interactive Pet Feeder * Slow-feed cat bowl slows down your cat's eating or drinking * Ideal for overweight cats or cats that throw up after eating too quickly * Bowls are dishwasher safe and stainless steel construction resists bacteria growth An excellent solution for cats that quickly devour food and drink at…Obesity is not just a human epidemic. Today, there are more overweight cats than ever before. Obesity is a problem because it can have a significant impact on your pretty kitty’s overall health. Cat joints wear down over time, causing pain and discomfort. Additional weight only accelerates joint damage. When your cat is overweight, that weight follows him as he jumps from furniture, your bed or his cat condo. That weight wears out his joints, causing joint damage and eventually leading to cat arthritis. You can help your cat maintain a healthy diet, even if you work at an office during the day. Many pet parents leave food out for their cat while they work. This allows cats to feed whenever they feel like it, but this can lead to overeating. A slow feed cat bowl can help. A slow feed bowl not only decreases the amount your cat eats, but often also requires him to stretch his brain muscles. The Northmate Catch Interactive Cat Feeder is a food bowl that helps slow down eating. The prongs hide food, and requires your cat to hunt and search for morsels. This slows down the amount your cat can eat at any given time. The Ethical Pet Slow Feeder for cats is another great slow feeding option. It comes in three fun colors – green, purple and blue. Its unique spiral shape promotes slow eating, reducing the risk of choking, regurgitation, bloating and obesity. The design requires that your cat nudge his food through the spiral, utilizing his natural foraging instincts. The non-skid rubber ring on the bottom keeps the cat bowl in place, so it doesn’t skid all over the floor while your cat is attempting to eat. Find these slow eating cat bowls and more at Chewy. Help your cat maintain a healthy weight with a slow feed bowl for cats.