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Slow down your cat's eating or drinking with this revolutionary slow-feed bowl.
bowl's center dome helps slow down your cat's eating or drinking. Excellent for overweight cats, since slower eating triggers satiety. This bowl is also ideal for cats that tend to throw up after eating too quickly. Heavy-duty stainless steel has rubber no-slip bottom. Dishwasher-safe bowls.
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Durham, DH - Pets tend to get excited during mealtime and end up wolfing down their food. This practice can cause a set of gastrointestinal ailments. Simply Pets Online have produced a new product that should assist with this problem. It is called Slow Feed Cat Bowl and is made available on the number one online marketplace, Amazon. Puppy Dog Slow Down Eating Feeder Toxic Dish Pet Dog Cat Feeding Food BowlChanging your cat's food bowls can slow down his piggy tendencies.Anti Choke Pet Dog Cat Feeding Feed Food Bowl Puppy Slow Down
Bridgeport Slow Down Bowl for Cats - this clever bowl comes highly recommended for cats who eat too fast (and sometimes get sick from doing so). $6.99 from Drs. Foster & Smith. Gets great reviews by users.SLOW DOWN DOG FOOD BOWL. Specially designed bowl stops your dog or cat from eating too quickly! Four raised prongs slow them down, helping your pet to feel full faster, and prevent choking and vomiting. Rugged, non-slip base.Bridgeport Slow Down Bowl for Cats -- Very attractive, I especially like that the center part is fish-shaped, to add a little novelty to the design. It has seemed to help my indoor/outdoor cat's bad habit of gulping food and barfing it back up. However, I bought the small size bowls, and it turns out they're way too small. May have to upgrade later.First, we have Steena. She says, “My cat eats too fast and then throws up. How can I get him to slow down? Even buying a special slow-feed bowl didn’t work because he just eats around the protrusions.” Here’s a new cat bowl designed to help slow down cats who eat too fast. This adorable was created by some veterinarians looking for a solution to help their feline clients modify eating habits and reduce obesity. Many cats will eat too quickly or overeat with a regular bowl. This bowl creates a maze for kitty to eat around, slowing mealtime and reducing the amount a cat needs to eat in order to feel full. Just like with people, right? Slow down, chew your food and you’ll eat less!Steena has the right idea as far as, we do obviously want to slow down the eating so the cats can’t fill themselves and get so full that they vomit right away. What I like to have owners try is to feed the kitty from a cookie sheet or other flat tray. That spreads the dry little kibble pieces out so they have to pick up one or two at a time. They can’t shove their face in a bowl and try to take a big gulp. Durham, DH - Cats sometimes have a tendency to gulp down meals without regards to proper chewing. When this happens, they may end up throwing up the food sometime after. According to Pets Best Insurance, this regurgitation can be solved by finding a way to slow down the cat’s eating practices. One Amazon vendor, Simply Pets Online has recently launched exclusively on the marketplace a product called Slow Feed Cat Bowl that the company says promises to do just that.The bowls themselves are pretty standard, except they have anywhere from one to three raised bumps in the middle that cats have to work around to get their kibble. They don’t tend to cost much more for this minor design change (prices range from $5.99 to $16.99), but whether or not they actually work is debatable. Many online customer reviews indicate that they can indeed slow down cats’ eating. But whether the slower pace can aid weight loss, digestion or flatulence is a question better left to veterinary professionals.