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I consider all of Sleepypod’s carriers the best on the market in terms of design, safety and ease of use. I also like the beautiful design of all of their carriers. Leaving carriers out in parts of your home where your cats spend a lot of time, and making them part of their everyday environment will make life less stressful for cats when it’s . And if a carrier is pretty, it’s more likely to be left out in plain view.
Sleepypod Air | Dog Airline Carrier and Cat Airline Carrier | Airline Approved Pet Carrier More
Products like the Sleepypod line combine the rigidity of the hard-sided carrier with the comfort of a soft carrier, and can double as a cat bed. This type of carrier can appeal to your cat since he’ll identify it with comfort and home rather than just a trip to the vet’s office. The Sleepypod Air is specially designed for beneath the seat air travel and includes a special pocket for a warming pad. Is the SleepyPod a cat carrier, cat bed or a cat car seat? It's all 3!Sleepypod® | The safest pet company | Dog Carriers | Cat Carriers | Dog HarnessesSleepypod carriers are excellent for car travel for cats and have been crash tested.
I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Sleepypod cat carrier. A client brought her elderly Bengal in for an exam and she was carrying a red, pod-like carrier unlike any I had ever seen before. For those who don’t know, Bengals tend to be very vocal and high-energy. Prior to his owner investing in a this wonderful carrier, you could hear Schuyler coming long before he reached the door of my hospital.

This time, however, was different. He was quiet, calm, and very content to be resting in his new and very cool-looking carrier. When his mommy unzipped the top, he popped his head out in the most adorable little Jack-in-the-Box style motion.To begin with, the Sleepypod is actually a 3-in-1 product. It is a cat carrier, a cat bed, and a cat car seat all rolled into one. I quickly learned that, not only is it one of the most aesthetically appealing cat carriers on the market, it is also one of the most comfortable cat beds and one of the safest cat transport methods.I immediately decided that I needed to have a Sleepypod of my own, and that was purely from an aesthetic viewpoint. This was absolutely the most adorable looking carrier I had ever seen. Little did I know, at that time, that this cat carrier had so many wonderful features. After doing some research and actively making contact with the company, I became aware of all of the amazing features of this versatile cat carrier ...and there are many!This cozy cat carrier is such a welcome change from hard, heavy, plastic carriers or the cloth ones that are soft, but collapse on the cat. The Sleepypod holds it shape, is lightweight, easy to carry, and comfortable for the both the owner and the cat. A convenient padded carrying handle on the top of the mesh dome lid, as well as a padded shoulder strap, give two comfortable alternatives for carrying it.. Even if your kitty is not in the carrier when it’s time to travel, he’s not hiding because you brought out an unfamiliar, scary carrier. Also, placing a cat in the Sleepypod is quite easy. It’s a quick one-two action to put your cat in the bed and place the dome lid on top. Equally impressive are the safety features when it doubles as a car seat. You can secure the Sleepypod on the back seat of your car by placing the lap strap of your seat belt across the bottom and the shoulder strap through the Velcro carrying handle. If you ever have to suddenly brake, you can rest assured that your kitty will stay safely in the seat, buckled into place. In fact, this caring company actually as a car seat for cats, and these tests have proven that the pod is the safest way to bring your cat to the vet.