Simple Solution Cat Litter Odor Remover 21 oz

Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant for Litter Boxes
This simple solution for smelly shoes will be a hack you will use again and again! Cat litter has a lot of household uses and this is one! #YouGottaBeKittenMe #ad
I would love the Simple Solution® Cat Litter Box Deodorizer
It is a welcome change that Simple Solution 30 Day cat litter is pink instead of gray! It brightens up the litter box a bit! Good luck with your entries! I want to try the Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter!PM: How did your cats transition from their former litter to Simple Solution?Simple Solution 30 Day Cat Litter
Use a litter that kitty likes. Choose a cat litter, such as Simple Solution 30 day Super Absorbent Litter made from a super-absorbent, lightweight clay, which stays fresh and clean for up to a month.I’ve been using Simple Solution litter for a week now. I’m so impressed by it that I’ve decided to switch all my boxes over to the new litter! As weird as it sounds, I look forward to scooping at night because it’s really that easy. The litter will last a full odor-free month – even with my six cats using it! Just imagine how much money I’ll save! (And imagine how happy my garbage carriers will be!)I have 6 cats. I scoop and scrape their boxes every day and dread trash day, when I have to drag about 60 pounds of smelly, used litter to the street. Anyone who has cats has felt this misery. That’s why I’m so excited about Simple Solution’s new litter – there are no clumps of urine to scoop out of the box! What’s more, the litter is lightweight – about half the weight of standard clumping litter. When I received my box from Simple Solution, it was so light I assumed they had only sent a sample size. To my surprise, when I opened the package, there was a full-sized box of litter inside. More than enough to fill one of my litter boxes so the cats could give it a try.Simple Solution’s 30 Day Super Absorbent Litter is safe for cats and their families. The Material Safety Data Sheet your commenter cited is for another company, another product and another industry. It is inaccurate to cite another company’s Material Safety Data Sheet or any ingredients noted as formulations, generic names, product category, uses and the overall purpose of an MSDS differ.To learn more about Simple Solution 30 Day Cat Litter and find out where to buy it, visit , Give Simple Solution a like on , or follow @Simple_Solution on Twitter.Compare to standard clay litters, Simple Solution cat litter is lightweight which makes it easy to carry. No one likes lugging heavy cat litter around! In addition to being lightweight, it has a convenient pour spout that makes filling the litter box quick and easy! You also save money by using Simple Solution 30 Day Cat Litter. With it lasting 30 days, you buy less litter less often! That should make you and your pocket book happy!The great part of Simple Solutions 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter is the unique lightweight mineral, which quickly attaches and absorbs moisture and odor from both urine and feces. It is 300% more absorbent than other traditional litters. Are you ready for the VERY BEST PART? There is NO SCOOPING OF URINE CLUMPS!Miss Daisy is lounging and waiting to take on her official job of testing out the new Simple Solution 30 Day Cat Litter for us. Let’s get it ready and see what she thinks about it!