These felt emoji cat toys are the cutest and so simple to make!

Make this super simple DIY spiral cat toy. Plus lots of other cat toys to make yourself.
I must not be crafty enough either. Found these toys called CatTamboo that look pretty cool. I’m thinking of trying them out as an alternative to the usual stuff since I like fly fishing and they are similar.
Simple to Make DIY Homemade Cat Toys (With Catnip, of course!) | Joy the Baker
This inventive, multifunctional mat provides virtually everything your cat needs in a space. There are places to hide, claw, sleep, dig, and hunt. It’s easily reconfigurable simply by reshaping the surface, which will keep the mat interesting over the long haul. Use the layers and holes to hide toys and treats so your cat can forage among the folds. The non-skid rubber bottom will make sure it stays in place, no matter how outrageous your cat’s play sessions get. These are made in the U.S.A. from recycled bottles are completely non-toxic. This is a toy in itself, but can be combined with anything else on this list to make a real playground for your cat. Pet toys for Pets badge. Simple fleece cat and dog toys make great donations.Kitty Cat Nip Toys (from Etsy but seem simple to make)Make this super simple DIY spiral cat toy. Plus lots of other cat toys to make yourself.
Okay, so technically these cat “perches” aren’t toys, but playful cats love nothing more than climbing! ‘s simple cat perch idea uses particle board, shelving brackets, and pieces of carpet to create a scratch-able platform that any cat with love jumping to and from!It’s a fact–at some point your socks will go missing. It happens to everyone, and then you’re left with one lonely sock. Instead of throwing out any old socks lying around, you can recycle them as toys. This toy is simple to make, all you’ll need is one sock and some tissue paper to stuff it with. If you’re feeling creative, you can even take a needle and thread to create eyes and a mouth and give it the real snake effect. It’s also extra fun for your kitty if you decide to add a bell or catnip.Okay, maybe some DIY cat toys are designed to amuse the human just as much as the cat. ‘s tutorial shows you how to create a catnip-filled zombie using simple cutting and sewing techniques. Your cat will love their catnip creation and you’ll get a kick out of watching your cat fight the zombie apocalypse!Cats are notorious for turning up their noses at expensive toys, preferring to play with things like bottle caps and instead. If you’re going to spend money on a cat toy, you want to know that it is something worth buying. Though each cat has his own unique preference for toys, the fact is that some toys are simply more appealing to cats than others.You may already know how important regular playtime is to the health and wellbeing of your cat. Cats need an engaging, stimulating environment in order to thrive, and regular playtime is a necessary component of that environment. But regardless of these simple facts, purchasing cat toys can still end up being a very frustrating experience.My cat—like many indoor cats—are lazy, sleepy, and generally overweight. They have an entire box full of toys that they can get out at any time but they have played with them so much they no longer have use for them anymore except for the occasional bout of playfulness. It takes a constant flow of new things for them to play with or a simple rotation of the same few on a weekly basis to keep their interest.