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Van Ness PureNess Sifting Cat Pan Liners
DL7 Size: XX-Large Features: -Made of Polyethylene. -Large drawstring -8 liners per box; Fits: Cp2 large pan, Cp4 Lg framed pan, Cp6 enclosed pan, Cp66 sifting enclosed pan. -Used to line the bottom of your cat pan for protecting the pan and easy.... You can choose popular products or similar to sifting cat pan linersAlfapet Extra Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liners 11 CtAlfapet Extra Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liners 11 Ct
Product Features
• The Original Sifting Liners, specially
designed sifting process, sifts the litter box
faster than any other sifter on the market.
• Heavy duty durable sifting liners are easy to
• Extra Giant size fits all Cat Litter pans.
• These sifting liners are designed exclusively
to work with Clumping Cat Litter which makes
up 74% of all litter purchases.
• New package design captures that
connection between the buyer and their cat.
Start Sifting, Stop Scooping! Extend the life of your litter by over 50% when you use the Sift Clean Sifting Litter Liners. Simply put one regular liner down in the litter box (one included) and place the sifting liners on top. Fill box with your preferred brand of litter. When it's time to clean the box, simply pull-up on the sifting liner and the waste is removed, leaving clean litter behind. The process is clean, you do not have to touch the waste or wash the litter box because SIFT CLEAN+ solid liners keep the dirt away. Works with most current brands of cat litter, both standard clay and clumping litters. 36" x 40" liners fit most regular and hooded litter pans. Each package contains 28 Sifting Liners and 2 regular liners.

Customers who previously used Purina® Tidy Cats® Quick Sifting Liners (which are no longer being marketed by Purina®) will enjoy a smooth transition to the Sift Clean Sifting Litter Liners.When I go to Petsmart, I usually get in and out. I need cat food and maybe treats or litter, but I rarely detour. It was different last time, however. After browsing the adorable cats for adoption, I took a look at the clearance section and found these sifting cat litter pan liners.Another commonly used sifting cat litter box is a single base pan using sifting litter box liners. These liners are disposable and placed on top of the base pan before fresh and clean litter is placed. When the litter box is full you will only need to remove the liners sifting the waste from the litter at the same time. What is left in the box is the clean litter and the waste immediately thrown away to the trash. It is also a very convenient way to maintain your litter box. Only the base pan requires cleaning with soap and water as the liners should be disposed of after every sifting use.Van Ness Large Sifting Cat Pan Liners make litter pan maitenance easy. No need for a litter scoop - simply place the entire box of liners in your litter pan with the solid sheet on the bottom using the included rubber band to hold the liners securely in place. Place clumping cat litter ontop of the liners. As litter pan clean up is required simply remove one liner and sift. After 10 cleanings your clumping litter is ready for disposal - using the final solid sheet dispose of remaining old litter and start over. 1 mil thick for extra strength. 10 CountWhisker City large cat sifting box liners for multi-layer protection20 large liners measuring 31in x 17in x 1milPremium sifting non slip elastic cat pan linersCat box liners are disposibleWhisker City litter box liners non slip elastic helps ensure a...