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Pepper and your other kitty (what is his/her name??) are both gorgeous! I agree with your husband on the gorgeous eyes of Siamese cats! And I completely agree and support getting high quality food for our pets. Phoenix has been given Acana/Pacifica dog food for almost 8 years now. Very expensive but totally worth it. Very funny on Pepper’s antics too, Krystle LOL! 🙂
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An eight-year-old Siamese cat named Otto that stole food from another cat and interposed itself when its master was preparing its food from a tin can served as the researchers' initial subject. Since they could find no physical explanation for the Otto's behavior, the researchers decided that the cause for Otto's relentless food-seeking was psychological, which is sort of sad because if there's any credence to this vague and limited (did vets only study Otto? maybe Otto's just a dick about being fed) study, it means that cats might not be as crafty as we've always given them credit for being — they might just be little headcases that know where we sleep and have knives for fingers. 85%OFF 6-Pound, Unique Kibble Shape Specially Designed Siamese Dry Cat Food6-Pound, Unique Kibble Shape Specially Designed Siamese Dry Cat Food durable modelingwell-wreapped 6-Pound, Unique Kibble Shape Specially Designed Siamese Dry Cat Food
Your first question when looking for Siamese food is which texture to try. Dry food is hard and crunchy, excellent for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The problem is that like most cats, Siamese don’t naturally seek out hydration, so you will need to to add water to their diet constantly to avoid kidney or urinary tract disease.Conducting taste tests with your Siamese cat is an easy way to help pick a food you will know they like. Start with these best cat foods for Siamese cats to ensure that your pet chooses a diet that meets all of her nutritional needs:Canned – or wet – cat food is able to help add essential fluids to the Siamese cat’s diets, but you need to be wary of added preservatives and fillers in the poorly blended varieties. This will fill your Siamese cat’s small belly with excess carbs that they don’t need, and prohibit essential protein and vitamins from passing through.Most "human foods" are safe and healthy for Siamese cats, or any other cats for that matter. I would recommend that you avoid foods with grains in them, as cats cannot process these very well. Also avoid onions and garlic in large amounts as these can cause blood problems in cats when they are fed in large amounts. Other spices as well should be avoided if possible as they could cause a stomach upset. Most vegetables and fruits, either cooked or raw, would be perfectly fine for your cat. Meats of any kind would also be an acceptable option, though you should try to avoid processed meats with high amounts of salt in them. You may want to peruse the lists of toxic substances that can be found on the Humane Society of the United States' website before feeding your cat anything exotic.The Indoor Chicken & Turkey Formula is designed specifically to meet the needs of Siamese cats who don’t spend any time outdoors.There is also the Turkey & Duck or Turkey, Chicken & Whitefish formulas that suit the nutritional needs of all Siamese cats.If you are raising a Siamese baby, the special Kitten Blend is highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals essential for healthy growth.Wellness CORE has also packed their nutrition for Siamese cats into 5.5 ounce cans of wet food, which sell for less than $2 each.Taurine is added as a natural ingredient to all blends to promote good heart and vision health for your Siamese cat. Plus the grain free, high protein, content of CORE recipes makes them a gluten-free food for your Siamese cat.