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May 14, 2010 - I am interested in one for my boy cat that meows really loud every ..
I am interested in one for my boy cat that meows really loud every morning, very earling in the morning 5am. I would only put it on him at night and then take it off when I wake up. Do they make a shock collar for cats like they do for dogs in regards to barking/meowing? Not in regards to invisibile fence.
I was curious how much a shock collar actually hurts
Here is the way I see it, many dogs and cats who were once loved pets but develop bad habits end up in rescue or dead. It doesn’t really matter whether the bad habit is the fault of poor training or whatever, the end result is often the same. So I am an advocate of solutions to problems that don’t include death. Therefore I would say try a remote training collar, I don’t think bark collars would work for a meow. When the cat starts howling you will have to manually activate the shock collar. The charge can be set at it lowest and most have a sound first and animals quickly realize that if they don’t cease and desist the behavior when they hear the sound they will get zapped. That is the training and unless the animal is really dumb they learn after one or two zaps and then it never happens again. Now which is worse, death or a zap or two??? I vote for the zap. I assume anyone who protests that this is cruel and irresponsible is a vegetarian because the meat you are eating is treated in a decidedly less humane way than a shock collar correcting undesireable behavior in a pet. thinking there was a shock collar for catsCat Shock Collars: Everything You Need to Know - CatsMeOuchMay 12, 2015 - Learn everything you need to know about cat shock collars
Want to Buy a Cat Where can I buy a shock collar for cats for meowing?, Before you all yell at me and tell me im cruel please know this is my last option. I dont want to do it but I have no choice anymore. ...Shock collars are for medium to large dogs. Because they are bigger, the pain isn't much to them but it still does hurt them. Cats should never have shock collars. For meowing, you should find out why they are meowing, and go from there.I had a male and female cat (female cats in heat are the worst). Got her spayed and that problem was solved. I had somewhat of a similar problem with my male cat except he would meow constantly because he always wanted them cookies/treats but he meowed to the point where it drove me crazy, i would desperately try to sleep between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm to get up for work at 8:00 pm and it was a hard enough time to sleep to begin with from noise from other people outside, 4 wheelers, etc so the meowing didn’t help much. I’m not sure why your cat is doing it but in my case it was me spoiling him with treats throughout the day from the time he was a kitten that caused this problem to begin with, a real firm voice combined with not giving him his treats (sometimes i needed the small squirtgun) but eventually his behavior got better and he realized he would only get treats when i came home from work in the morning and on my way to work. You spoiling him might be causing it as well, cats also have their own personalities, some species of cats are more “vocal” than others, try to find the underlying reasons for the meowing. I don’t recommend the collar however, i would have never done that to my dogs either. I work as an electrician so i know what it feels like to get shocked so i could never do that to my pets .