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Apparently there was controversy about this tshirt. And, now maybe it’s exponential since Nerdy Shirts has now decided to replicate the shirt worn in by actor James Franco in the movie, Pineapple Express. The shark eating the kitty motif seems to have already been done by the people over at .
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As the gang of celebrities tries to survive the apocalypse by hunkering down in James Franco’s home, one of the ways they entertain themselves is by making home video style sequels to their movies. For their sequel to , James Franco wears the shark cat t-shirt that his character Saul Silver wears in the movie. How else would a group of actors, including Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and James Franco, pass the time? Get the Shark Eating Kitten This Is the End t-shirt and tell everyone that you endured the apocalypse at Franco’s house. Bucking Sharkaroo (4780) men's t-shirt. Cowboy cats, sharks, rainbows, cowboys, cats, cat lovers, taste the rainbow, shark week, funny teesBucking Sharkaroo (GT4780-101BLK) Men's T-shirt. Cowboy tees, cats, sharks, rainbows, cats tees, cat lovers, shark week, funny cat t-shirts.Shark Week Pet Costume Kitten Shark Cat Sweater by Youth Diaspora Cat Costume Halloween Dog Shirt Fleece Sphynx Cat Clothes Dog Clothes
Shark Week Tiger Shark Costume Kitten Shark Cat Sweater Youth Diaspora Cat Costume Halloween Dog Shirt Original Design Fleece Sphynx Clothes Dog6. Maybe the most famous design of them all, the so-called Shark Cat top. You will, no doubt, recognize this shirt from the hilarious stoner comedy, Pineapple Express. I imagine we’ll get around to repro’ing this one someday… Apropos of nothing in particular, I present sharks, nature’s preeminent aquatic eating machine! No, not really; this is just a gallery of killer, shark-themed tees for those too freaked to venture from their land-locked perch. Popular misconceptions aside, sharks are fascinating creatures that, despite years of scientific research, remain largely mysterious and out-of-sight. Dating millions of years into the ocean’s primordial past, they have adapted remarkably well to changes in ecosystem and diet. For these reasons and more, they remain a go-to design motif/phenomenon/zeitgeist/catch-all for dozens of graphic artists and assorted tee companies. With this in mind, here are some of my faves, shirts, that to bastardize the quip, have jumped the snark (d’oh, that was clumsy).Shark Costume Kitten Shark Cat Sweater Only Shark Hat sold separately. Cat Costume Halloween Dog Shirt Dog Clothes Pet Costume by SimplySphynx #etsy #etsyseller #simplysphynx #sphynx #sphynxcat #sphynx #catclothes #sphynxcatclothesSan jose sharks t shirts long sleeved tees at odd future cat shirt cat riding dragon t shirt hot topic 8 cat themed t shirts that will melt your brain petful rainbow cat t shirts tees custom clothing