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For a frightened or timid cat, a cat tree can provide a safe haven for her to stay relatively out in the open while maintaining a sense of security. When she’s on a high perch she can more easily see her environment and has more visual warning time of any advancing opponent. The tree can also provide comfort to a cat and she may opt to stay in the room more often, rather than flee under a bed or behind the furniture. The tree becomes a place that’s exclusively hers because it doesn’t contain unfamiliar that a sofa or chair would have.
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Cats like to be up off the ground to observe their surroundings, but a senior cat might not be able to leap with ease up onto her cat tree to take a nap. This doesn’t mean the desire to reach the platform has gone away. She just can’t jump up and down anymore. You might consider placing a ramp for your cat to use to walk up to the higher platform. If a ramp is not a workable solution for your space, you could place a chair beside the cat tree as an alternative place for your cat to watch the bird activity. Over time, your cat will let you know if she finds this an acceptable substitute. SENIOR CAT TREE 4' High Glenwood Best Cat Bed Designer - EtsyTRIXIE Emil 37.75 in. Senior Cat Playground - Cat Trees at HayneedleSenior Cat Rescued from Tree After Three Days Video - People
Imagine a way for your cat to climb to new heights withtoys, treats, and scratching posts all along the way. Imagine a cat tree thatwon’t wobble every time your cat jumps on and off it or come crashing to thefloor when your cat is doing his daily floor to ceiling race or chasing histail on the top platform. Imagine, instead of a traditional cat condo, more ofa cat gym and activity center that’s sturdy enough to hold even the most aggressiveclimbers. That is The Cat Power Tower in a single sentence, and the reason Our previous cat trees have all had platforms that wereabout 11-inches wide and 13-inches long, with steep, narrow paths to navigatefrom platform to platform. For an elderly or large cat, these trees areessentially useless. With the Cat Power Tower,though, the design has made it possible for Milo’sworld to reach new heights. It makes my heart sing to see him poking around onthe Hunting Platform or sitting on the Play Platform watching the “birds” flyabove his head when he had previously never explored anything above sofa-heightdue to his age, arthritis, and overwhelming size.Butterfly’s family reached out to , since they could not find a way to safely get Butterfly down themselves. PETA sent out a professional with all the ropes, saws, skills and kindness needed to safely move the terrified, dehydrated cat off the tree and back to ground level. Cat trees offer your cats the opportunity to climb and play, as well as to perch 'above' the human activity occurring in your home. Cats love this sense of being up high, and love to have a place to call their own. Our cat tree cat furniture comes in a variety of styles, including your choice of custom carpet colors to coordinate your cat's tree to your room's decor.All cats like to get high…in fact, the higher the better as far as they are concerned. This is where can come in handy. Instead of climbing up your bookcase, walking across the top of your kitchen cabinets or perching on your doors, a cat tree can satisfy that instinct all cats have to get vertical. In addition cat trees provide a sense of security and are a great place to get some exercise and have fun. For bigger felines it is important to select the appropriate cat furniture for large cats. It needs to be solid and durable and provide enough of a challenge that your large cat will use it consistently for years to come.We purchased an Armarkat tree/tower about 8 years ago. It was a very tall one which our cats absolutely loved. But as they got older (13 now) we noticed they were having a more difficult time climbing down.
We started looking at towers that were a little shorter thinking it would be easier for them to get down, although we were a little bummed for them that they wouldn't be up as high anymore.
When we came across this tower we immediately felt it was the perfect one, still very tall, but the levels were set up in a way that would make it much easier for our geriatric cats to get up and down. The platforms are set up like stairs.
It's a great design for cats that are having a difficult time climbing up and down without sacrificing the height they love so much.
Shipping was so fast and love that it's free shipping. The cost of the tower can't be beat.
And, just like our other Armarkat tower, this one was easy to assemble and is sturdy enough to last for several years again.

Armarkat: Thrilled to hear this recommendation for the senior cats among us. They shouldn't miss the fun of climbing, and we are so very happy to make it easier for them to do so. Best wishes to your happy seniors from all of us at Armarkat!