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I work for a Hospital who offers grooming, we regularly sedate cats for grooming/bathing.
I'm going to get my cat groomed tomorrow and it will involve a bath, which my cat hates. The groomer says they can sedate him, but he would have to fast for about 24 hours. How does fasting affect him …
I don’t sedate cats for grooming. It is advised to take very aggressive cats to a veterinarian.
I wish you were in Canada, I have a lovely Maine Coon Stray cat, who is a doll if you just want to snuggle him, I know he is in pain, & because I am a long time owner of a persian Cat I do know the basic grooming but his boy wants nothing to do with it, I hate the thought of sedating him, but know that he must be groomed before I feel comfortable re-homing him, After reading your article you have made me aware that I many not have any other option. TY for the great article I thought perhaps I could build some more trust, but have tried the food, tried the muzzle, but he is having no part of it. 🙂 Keep up the great work It was a lovely look into what groomers go through & also why many groomers ONLY groom dogs. Welcome! I’m a feline exclusive groomer (no dogs) whose holistic, force-free approach is based on cat behavior & psychology.How to Sedate a Cat for Grooming And 11) Dial The ambulance to take you to the hospital for stitches‼️Is it possible to sedate a CAT for grooming? | Yahoo Answers
Most cats do not need to be sedated for routine grooming. But cats rescued from dire situations may resist all efforts at grooming, nail trimming or bathing. They need sedation in order to have their coats worked on. A dirty, matted coat or a broken claw can bring the cat much discomfort. The cat will be more willing to be tamed if he is feeling healthy.I have a cat who is part persian and also gets matted. I would suggest that you take her to a vet and have her sedated or ask your vet if he/she can give you some medicine to calm her so you can groom her. If not then take her in and have him/her take care of the grooming for you. Normally they do not charge too much but you can call and ask or call some groomers and explain your situation.Once when she was sick (years ago) two male vets had to hold her down just to take her temperature. They were amazed (that was the word they used) and said they never saw a cat as strong and mean as her. Then last year she got a horrible mat that I could not fix. I took her to the groomer who spent 2 hours trying to take this mat out. Why so long you ask? My cat held me and the two groomers hostage. It sounds funny now (and it is) but that day it sure wasn’t. No one could walk by her pet carrier or touch her. If you tried she would growl then bark at you and swipe you. It took weeks for my scars to heal. The groomer said they wont take her back unless she is sedated. So now she has another mat (since she wont let me comb her much). What the heck should I do? I dont want to upset her like I did the last time we tried the groomers but I cant just leave mats that are the size of my hand on her coats either. I am concerned about upsetting her so much b/c she is 8 and she is overweight and she does suffer from colitis now and then (and yes, stress usually brings on an attack). WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I DO WITH HER?

We discourage customers from waiting at the shop while their pet is groomed. The presence of the owner often makes the dog or cat distracted and fidgety. This makes grooming more difficult and time-consuming and can lead to an increased risk of accidental injury. Besides, even the owners of the most 'difficult' or highly-strung pets would be surprised how well most dogs or cats behave at the groomers. They are usually much better-behaved for strangers than for their own owners!

For those clients who are worried about how their pet will respond to being groomed, we recommend waiting outside or staying in cell phone contact in case they are needed. We may also ask for the owner to help with certain tasks like muzzling dogs with a history of biting or holding large or uncooperative dogs while we trim their nails.thanks for the advice. i was thinking of maybe seeing if i could get a groomer to come to the house. maybe that way she wont be as scared as she was when she went to the groomer. there is a medicine that calms cats down that is not a sedative? What’s an easy, safe way to sedate a cat for grooming? :I need to sedate my cat to shave his mats off, but I don't actually want him to be sleeping because that could be dangerous. I bought a product called Comfort Time, which chilled him out so that he … What’s an easy, safe way to sedate a cat for grooming?