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New 2 Way Magnet Screen Door Moustiquaire Pet Dog Cat Safe Patio Door w/ Bolt #Unbranded
A: We suggest this product for smaller, less active pets. We also recommend this screen door for cat use as well. Please check that the height of the flap is not too small for your pet. Take a look at our measuring guide for more details!
The Hale Universal Screen Pet Door will fit every screen door without modifications
Step 2. Join the 2 pieces of the bracket together to form an "L" shape. In the chosen bottom corner of the doorframe, position the L Bracket close to, but not quite touching the insect screening. Make sure the longer leg of L bracket is vertical. 14 holes are provided in the L Bracket, 8 in the vertical leg and 6 in the horizontal leg of the to cater for left or right corner application. Using a battery drill with a Phillips screwdriver bit, screw the 7 self-tapping screws (provided) into the holes closest to the insect screening. 4 screws in the vertical leg and 3 screws in the horizontal leg. Important: Gently push the battery drill against the insect screening to ensure screws go in straight. Set your pets free and add a pet door to your screen door. Your dogs and cats will enjoy your screen door as much as you do!This product can also be a good option to use instead of the Cat Mate 210 Cat Door for glass or screens, which we recently discontinued.Ideal Pet Passage for Screens | Cat Door in Screen - Pet Doors
Installed in a window, screen door cat doors make a great choice for cats. A cat door installed in a window screen also makes the cat door harder to access by less-athletic pets that you might wish to keep indoors.I do not recommend installing a security cover with dog doors for screen doors, window screens or screen porches. Dogs and cats will naturally scratch near a door to be let out. Depending upon their level of desperation they could potentially destroy the entire screen. A safer solution for your screen and your pet is to simply shut the interior door or window when you don't want your pet to use the pet screen door.Like the other types of dog doors, i.e. , , and , doors for screen doors should include a flexible vinyl flap with high quality Alnico magnets with stainless steel strikes. The magnets and strikes should be located along the sides as well as the bottom of the dog door flap. A dog door installed in a screen should also be made with a sturdy frame and high pile half inch weatherstripping.Gateway Cat Door for Screens is designed for screened storm or patio doors, windows and any other screened areas to allow in-out access for your cat. Cats can easily push open the flexible hinged door and it can be secured with the 'snap latch' feature when you want to prevent access. Simply push the latch down to lock the door and lift it up to open.They’re simple to install: With the screen laying on the living room floor, clamp the two pet door frames together and cut out the screen in the center so the flap can swing through. In some cases the cat door will come with screen pre-installed and, in others, it will accept the screen you cut out so you’ll have a perfect match. Strong, wire screen is best. Avoid weak fiberglas screen that may not stand up to the impact of a pet going in and out. Simplify your life and save energy with the 6 in. x 6 in. Ideal Pet Products "Cat Flap" Small Cat Door. Give your small feline friend access to shelter day and night and get them in out of the heat, rain, and cold without any fuss or scratching at the door. Economical, sturdy and dependable, Ideal Cat Flaps are simple to install with easy to understand instructions. Keep your pet safe and happy with an Ideal Door.