100 Sisal Small Kitten Scratching Post Made In The Uk Scratchycats

Shredded scratching posts are trophies for cats, so don’t throw them away.
"Catscraper" | DIY cat scratching post / scratcher made from recycled cardboard I am so doing this after we move (again). I will have plenty of boxes, lol.
Best Cat Scratching Post ever DIY. I made this and my cats are IN HEAVEN. So worth it!
A brief note on negative training methods: There are lots of approaches to cat training that seek to associate negative consequences with an unwanted feline behavior, causing them to avoid it in the future. These include squirting your cat in the face with water, making a loud noise with coins in a can, using mousetraps to scare or injure a cat, yelling, hitting, and any other similar strategies. Many cats become stressed by such occurrences and, when that happens, they will react with behaviors that most humans won't find acceptable. They may urinate or defecate outside of the litterbox, on carpeting, or on personal items. They may scratch more at other objects in the home. In the worst case, they may become withdrawn and hide or refuse to eat. Focus on positively reinforcing the behavior you want to see from your cat (using her scratching post) rather than negatively reinforcing the behavior you don't want. The Scratching PostAttn: CatSNIP6948 Plainfield RoadCincinnati, Ohio 45236100 Sisal Small Kitten Scratching Post Made In The Uk Scratchycats100 Sisal Small Kitten Scratching Post Made In The Uk Scratchycats
All cats at The Scratching Post are eligible for sponsorship. Sponsors can donate on an annual, semi-annual, or monthly basis, and will receive letters from their cat letting them know about life at The Scratching Post. Send us an email if you're interested in sponsoring a cat. We can match you up with one of our residents or you can visit and pick your own sponsor cat! or on the picture to view our adoptable cats.

We add photos of our cats to this list as the cats cooperate with us, so there will always be cats at The Scratching Post who are not profiled here. We encourage you to visit the shelter to meet all of our cats! The Scratching Post is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter for stray and abandoned cats. Our shelter is run almost entirely by volunteers, a dedicated group of people who work every day to care for the cats and find them permanent homes.

In the spring of 2008 we moved into our new shelter building at 6948 Plainfield Road. Just two doors down from our old shelter, the new facility is a vast improvement in conditions for both the cats and our volunteers. See pictures of the new shelter . Okay, you do not want Cleo to damage your furniture, but scratching is natural and instinctive for cats as it helps them shed layers of claw sheaths, stretch and flex their muscles. Since your can cannot stifle their own desire to scratch, provide an ideal object of desire–a good scratching post.The Scratching Post Cat Hospital is a full service veterinary practice devoted exclusively to cats. At the Scratching Post Cat Hospital, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality care for each feline to enhance their well-being and quality of life. From annual exams, vaccinations to advanced laser surgeries, we do it all with care. We schedule longer appointments which allows us to do a thorough exam in a calm, unhurried and compassionate atmosphere. For more information about us click .The surface of the scratching post should be covered with a rough, tough material–sisal, hemp or something similarly nubby. Carpet does not satisfy most cats, and can confuse them because they will not be allowed to scratch the carpet on the floor of your home.