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Even for the fussiest of cats this scratching pad is lick smackin' good.
KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy will satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instincts. It comes with a toy inside and natural premium catnip. Pad is reversible for extended use and all used materials are from natural, renewable resources.
Scratching posts are as essential to cats as shoes are to us. Here is a list of the best scratching posts and pads for your pet.
From cat videos to social media to good old fashioned political discourse, your worldly feline has got a lot of reasons to stay connected—trouble is, he gets his computer access by sitting on your keyboard as you type. Make your cat the most tech-savvy fur ball on the block with this prop laptop scratching pad. Made to look just like your own computer, this cardboard contraption features a claw-ready keyboard for cats to scratch and an "operating system" that can be upgraded by simply printing out a new "desktop image" and sliding it in the cardboard monitor. The perfect gift for the cat who has everything. Made in China. Jul 16, 2014 - Steven Liu lives in an apartment in Brooklyn that is filled with cats and kittens, all of whom are up for adoption. He calls it the Scratching Pad.Make cardboard scratching pads for cats and donate them to the local animal shelter. This is a great way to #upcycle Girl Scout Cookie cases!Cat Scratching Posts & Board Scratchers | PetSmart
DIY CAT BED / SCRATCHER PAD :: Corregated Cat Scratcher & Bed Tutorial :: Made from a box, a toilet paper roll, some fabric & glue. Click for the how-to & pics. | #catbed #diycatbed #diycatscratcherYUMMM Fried Apple Pie Tacos - Learn how to make them here:

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This crafty cat scratch pad is a great way to recycle used boxes.

Step 1: Cut strips
Gather large, corrugated cardboard boxes. Using a straightedge, cut the boxes into 18- inch strips, three to five inches wide, with the corrugation running horizontally across the strip.

The size of the scratch pad will depend on your cat. Bigger cats need bigger pads than kittens or small cats.

Step 2: Glue strips together
Glue strips on top of each other until the pile is six inches deep.

Step 3: Let dry
Weight the pile with a heavy object and set aside for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Finish ends
Trim uneven ends with a craft knife. Cut additional cardboard strips to glue to the outside edges of your pad.

Step 5: Decorate
Use felt to provide a decorative finish for the edges, or cut pictures of fish, birds, or mice from magazines and glue them to the outside.

Step 6: Sprinkle with catnip
Sprinkle pad liberally with catnip to entice your cat to use it.

Did You Know?
Did you know? Cats have a ridged nose pad that is as unique as the human fingerprint.Cats are highly intelligent creatures and the vast majority can easily be redirected to do their healthy scratching on & cardboard pads. It's just like when a child incorrectly draws on the wall - we redirect them & give them an appropriate place to do their drawing on, like paper. If cats don't have appropriate places to satisfy their natural & healthy scratching, they will use the furniture. For the few cats that are more stubborn & a bit harder to train, there are humane solutions that work like covering their claws with or covering the furniture ends with . If a cat is scratching excessively, it could be a symptom of anxiety, illness, or boredom from lack of attention or enrichment. Cats cannot talk so their claws and scratching are one of their main means of communicating with humans, and with other pets in their household.KONG Naturals Cat Scratchers satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instincts by encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. Environmentally friendly cat scratchers are made with renewable resources and are recyclable. Scratch pads are reversible for extended use.