How to make a free cat scratching box by reusing cardboard

Copa Judaica Scratch Box for Cats, 3.75 by 6.25-Inch Diameter, Natural
Ms. Ditty’s motivation for scratching the floor and wall around her food after she eats differs from why she’s scratching the wall after using her litterbox. If there was a paper towel or other easy-to-move object near the food dish, she would probably cover her food with it, moving it by scratching and pulling at it with her claws. Often this behavior can be observed in our little domestic cats as well as wild cats, after eating. There may be a few crumbs left, or a substantial amount that hasn’t been eaten. Covering the food theoretically keeps other predators from finding it and ups the odds that there will be food available for later. Additionally, covering the uneaten food can help keep the cat safe, since the smell of food attracts predators and other hungry animals.
Nice scratch box furniture that is suitable for small cats or kitties only.
Of course cats sleep plenty, but they are smart and agile hunters who need every aspect of their cat-ness stimulated. That’s where cats toys, scratchers and kitty condos come in. But don’t spend money at the pet store on high dollar toys and scratching pads only to have your cats play with the box they came in–instead check out these DIY projects for some fun for your kitty cats. Sep 10, 2015 - The ripple board scratch box can be used as a refill for the Ripple Board Everest, or on it's own as a scratch box for catsOmega Paw Scratch Box for Cats (OPSB8) available through the DigPETS website. Price varies, compare and save.The Ripple Board Scratch Box Wide offers eveb more area for your cat to scratch! Cats love digging their claws into this catnip treated cardboard scratcher.
After much research and testing, we chose industrial strengthcorrugated filler for our boxes because it was what our cats liked thebest and held up to serious scratching. In addition, ourboxes are reversible. Flip them over for a fresh cleanscratching surface. You'll have this box for years not justmonths like the other boxes on the market which use ordinarycardboard. Our cat boxes average FIVE years in a single cat household,then putin a refill and your cat will enjoy it for many, many more years! Pros: Now that I have my , the amount of scratching in unwanted areas of my home are down to a minimum. Another plus is this scratching box came with a package of cat nip and is big enough for my cats to lie down in. It has become one of Wally’s new favorite napping spots.Fun factor: My cats loved this before even adding any cat nip. Wally instantly scratched on it. This may not make them wild, but it is a great place for them to fulfill their natural instinct to scratch and it is a comfy place for them to lie. Once the catnip was added my cats did go wild and had fun trying to hide in the box and pounce on each other!From what I know, my cat loves going at any cat scratch box more than using expensive scratching posts. Which is good for my wallet. I think it has to do with the fact that the catnip included with these boxes can really be rub into the natural grooves, and she can see her destruction – as well as hear it. Scratching boxes for cats are a great idea to keep your furniture safe. Wanna save your stuff? You pretty much NEED a cat scratch box of some sort.Prixie and Wally unwrap The Original Cat Lounge Classic to find a fresh bag of catnip for them to play with.

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Cats love scratch boxes, and this is a great way to keep there claws healthy and your couches and chairs intact! Put a little catnip in and watch them play.

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You will find more dog care tips, tricks and how to videos for your cats too!Maybe you just moved and your home is full of cardboard boxes. You're feline pal thinks this cardboard fortresses are all for him. He'll hide behind them, nap inside them and scratch at the corners. This may leave you wondering why cats are so obsessed with what you see as garbage.