Product Name: Scoop Away® Super Clump Scoopable Cat Litter Unscented

           Scoop Away unscented clumping cat litter, 99.9 % dust free 20lb
The Scoop Away Super Clump Unscented Cat Litter Review earns 2.5 cats out of 5. A pretty typical budget litter that has some issues but hopes you will overlook them with the decent price. It does a decent job of locking and odors and the clumping does last for a while, but calling it unscented is a bit of stretch. If there is nothing else available it will work but even for the relatively decent price there are better choices that clump better and clean up much easier.
Scoop Away Unscented Clumping Cat Litter
I bought this litter as a stand in for my normal litter from Arm and Hammer. I will never buy it again. I usually purchase unscented litter and I remembered why when I purchased this litter. Every time my cat uses her litter box, the smell of the litter permeates my small apartment. That is just what I want to come home to, a cat litter box that smells like flower scented urine. It is disgusting. The scent is not even attractive. It smells like a fake flower scent that is put in cheap air freshener. Also, when you are pouring or scooping the litter to clean the box, you are welcomed by a cloud of fine litter particles. I really want to wear a face mask when I use this litter. I would suggest that customers invest in one before they use Scoop Away Multi-Cat litter.

Moisture Absorption
I have problems with the absorption with this litter. It is supposed to clump, but I have noticed that when I clean the litter box, there is more litter that has not clumped than litter that has. Scoop Away Unscented Clumping Cat LitterScoop Away Super Clump Unscented Cat Litter - 25lb : TargetScoop Away Unscented Clumping Cat Litter | Petco
Freshly scented to keep litter boxes smelling clean, Scoop Away Multi Cat clumping litter works well for homes with more than one cat using the litter box. Scoop Away Multi Cat has a special Ammonia Shield feature to keep bacteria from forming, and the litter is almost 100 percent free of dust to reduce allergy problems. Scoop Away clumping litter comes unscented or scented, and the litter's small pieces reduce cat tracking. Scoop Away Multi Cat litter clumps quickly after use to make scooping mess-free, and the litter uses Odor Guard to reduce odor no matter how many cats use the litter box.Despite being “unscented” there is still some smell to this. It is not overpowering but for cats that are extremely sensitive to smell, it might be an issue. In regards to making cat odors, the Ammonia Shield does a good job and this, coupled with the good clumping, means that very rarely will you get a whiff of anything foul. Towards the end of the lifecycle, urine smell can become noticeable, however. This is why we advise against the “never dump” mentality that Scoop Away advertises. While this may work on feces over time the urine tracks to the bottom of the box and when this happens there is a foul mess that is also a perfect medium for bacteria growth.This is our Scoop Away Super Clump Unscented Cat Litter Review. Scoop Away Super Clump Unscented cat litter promises the strong clumping power and effective odor control of the other Scoop Away lines but without any perfumes or dyes, making it better for cats that might have sensitive allergies or sense of smell. It is fortified with Ammonia Shield to help destroy litter box odors on contact and also stop the growth of potential bacterial odors. This product is available in 14 and 25-pound boxes.Scoop Away Unscented Clumping Cat Litter forms tight clumps that are easy to scoop. The small, highly absorptive granules and maximum clumping action work together to absorb liquid into tight, solid clumps. Scoop Away Unscented has no dyes or added fragrance — just the pure power of clean! Ideal for people and cats who don't like added scent.It's scoop, scoop and away with Premium Choice All Natural Unscented Scoopable Cat Litter! Litter particles bond together so that only the unused litter stays in the box and the clumps get thrown away--eliminating odors, constant changing and extra dust.