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Cover and refrigerate unused portion. Adjust feeding amounts as necessary to maintain optimal weight. If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian. For nursing cats: keep food available at all times. New to this food? Mix increasing amounts of your pets new food with decreasing amounts of the old food over a 7-day period. Keep fresh water available at all times! Your pets nutritional needs may change as they age. Ask your vet at every checkup. Science Diet® is available in a wide variety of dry foods, wet foods and treats for your pets unique needs.
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Hill's offers several to choose from, all of which offer the precise balance of nutrients your cat needs for optimal health. Chicken or fish is listed as the first ingredient in each of the grain free options available in the Science Diet® and Ideal Balance™ lines of cat foods, and options are available in both wet and dry foods. Science Diet Wet Cat Food found in: Hills Science Diet Adult Healthy Cuisine Poached Salmon and Spinach Medley Canned Cat Food, Hill's Science options available in the Science Diet® and Ideal Balance™ lines of cat foods, and options are available in both wet and dry foods.Learn about Hill's Science Diet Healthy Cuisine, a healthy cat & dog food that utilizes new wet formula for great taste & balanced nutrition.
My six year old cat developed a urinary blockage and it was suggested to use Hills CD. I used the wet food and then tried the dry CD for cats. My cat started losing weight/vomiting and was generally tired. He developed diabetes. His blood sugar was 555. Normal for cats is 104-240 I think. I just happened to look at the ingredients on the CD dry food and it had 35% carbs!!! My research began and found out cats should NOT be eating carbs as they are strictly carnivores. Long story short, I feed him a pure meat diet from a cat food you cannot find in the box stores. No more diabetes! It's been 5 months now and I still check his sugar once a month. No problems at all. His blood sugar is normal! He had tremendous energy and his coat is soooo silky. I blame Hill's Science Diet for this. What a racket!If you wish to offer your cat a more varied diet, talk to your vet about complementing your cat's dry food with Hill's ™ Science Plan™or Hill's ™ Prescription Diet™ wet products. Both are packaged in either cans or pouches and are the only wet food solutions to effectively complement Hill's dry food.My cat of 2 years old recently got crystals in his urine and had to get unblocked, so the vet told me to only feed him the Feline CD food to help prevent this from happening again. Anyway, my cat would vomit violently after even eating a few bites of the dry food. Then I tried the wet food, same thing. This went on for a few days and I finally switched him back to his old Blue Buffalo and like magic, he stopped vomiting. I've ordered the prescription formula dry food from another company and will see what happens, but in this case it was clearly the food! Either Hills Science is toxic garbage, or he's allergic to something in it, but my story sounds very similar to what others are writing here! I will NEVER use Science Diet again.