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Top 59 Complaints and Reviews about Hills Cat Food
We have been feeding our various cats hills for years..BUT….over the last year one of them (he’s 4) developed a hideous skin condition..he was full of scabs and bald patches. After many visits to the vet he was put on steroids and it was confirmed he had an allergy but no one knew what he was allergic to…at the same time our other cat started to develop scabs so after reading reviews of the science diet and the ingredients cats find hard to digest we changed to a wet diet with some Applaws dried food which contains no cereals. Within 7 days all scabs had disappeared on both cats and 2 weeks later their coats are like velvet…I can only put this down to an allergy to the dreadful Hills ingredients. I will never feed my cats Hills again. If I hadn’t read other reviews of Hills which revealed that other cats had displayed similar conditions I would never have thought about changing their food.. I would strongly advise against feeding any food which is packed full,of cereals.
Hills Science diet doesn’t get good reviews. Hills Ideal cat food has okay reviews….how so if both are made by Hills?
Great review. Thanks. I was recommended Science Diet by a Vet. My cat has had digestive problems. I’ve been feeding her some canned food, some Blue Buffalo and some Science Diet hairball remedy. She’s very thin. I ran out of Science Diet so I fed her The canned and Blue Buffalo. She started eating more and hasn’t thrown up since. I think the corn in the Science Diet was indigestible so it just laid in her stomach making her eat less and eventually throwing up. I hate these companies that charge an arm and a leg and insert CHEAP ingredients into their food like corn. Shame on you Science Diet and shame on the vet that recommended it. They’re both overpriced and not helpful to my pet’s well being. Science Diet Cat Food Reviews.A list of Hill's Science Diet cat food reviews and ratings. Both wet and dry foods are briefly reviewed and a rating is given for each food.How do I know I can trust these reviews about Hills Cat Food
Two of my other cats started vomiting today. OMG!!! are you kidding. I had Hills mixed with their regular dry cat food to try break them in slowly. Not realizing it was the food until I started reading different reviews. All of Hills' Science Diet has been thrown out. I have saved the bags because I am going to try and get my money back. So far the two cats today seem ok. I am going to take them to the vet if they show any other signs of being sick. Hills brands themselves as doing what is best for our feline friends. Your ingredients are not so... Check them out. What is making them so sick? Hills should be held accountable.We were brought to tears and angered when we read what others said about what this dog food has done to other pet owners. It's horrible and sad! The positive reviews make me wish these pet owners would stop using this food, because it will catch up with their pets. Science Diet food needs to be taken off of the shelves and no longer sold or even given out!Hill's Science Diet cat food causes obesity and diabetes. If you don't believe me, read the rest of the reviews! I've had issues with Hill's Science Diet Cat food in the past. I had another cat that I adored die from diabetes and he was fed Science Diet. I thought at the time that it was just something that happened. 12 years later I'm here again but with 3 cats. They eat it and either throw it up and don't seem to not be able to get enough. My cats are fed at certain times and get wet food as well. This is worse than the cheap cat food. I've switched to a better brand that hopefully can reverse what Hill's Cat Food has done to them. This is poison. Please spend more or even get cheap brands. Your pet will pay dearly if you don't. Poison. Complete poison. I'm so mad I can't see straight. You need fed this crap.It's strange - There are a lot of positive reviews here but neither of my cats like this food at all. They like other Science Diet dry food but not this one; they turn their noses up at it.

One of the cats - She's been throwing up every time she eats it, and her stool and vomit have a small amount of blood in them. Yes, we transitioned the old cat food to the new.

I'm going back to another Science Diet dry food.It's strange - There are a lot of positive reviews here but neither of my cats like this food at all. They like other Science Diet dry food but not this one; they turn... Hill's Science Diet® cat food has been recommended and sold by veterinarians for decades. Check out some of the main ingredients, look at independent customer reviews and decide whether this could be the right brand for your cat.