Hill's Science Diet Indoor Adult Cat Food

 Hill's Science Diet Indoor Age Defying Senior Cat Food
I have raised my 6 yr old tabby on Science Diet; however, in November 2013, I bought their newly improved cat food. Within a week or two, my cat started throwing up every other day. Then every time he ate. He's lost 25% of his weight. Quit eating, became dehydrated. Was admitted to hospital, IV's, testing, etc. We can not find anything causing his ill. Came home with ID prescription cat food. He became healthy and quit throwing up. Put him back on Science Diet. Throwing up all over again. Bought some more ID cat food. Not throwing up anymore.
Hill's Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat Food
Hills Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food
This is Science Diet’s basic dry cat food, readily available.
ADVANTAGES: It has 34% protein and whole chicken. Most cats find it palatable and it’s easily available.
DISADVANTAGES: It contains both corn and wheat gluten to boost the protein, neither of which are feline appropriate forms. Its fibers are wheat, corn, cellulose, peas and oats, which are either allergens, hard on the digestion or unresearched. It also has apples, broccoli, carrots, cranberries and peas, which are either unresearched or known toxins. Hill's Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat FoodHill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat - Veterinary RecommendedHill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat - Veterinary Recommended
I had a friend that had a Persion, he passsed away and the vet said Science diet was too rich for him to digest. It ruined his intestines and started passing a lot of blood. They equate it too like us eating only caviar or other rich foods that we wouldn't eat daily.
My vets has always recommended Frisky's and Nine lives line, my cats love it. I give both wet and dry, the dental mixed with indoor dry and Fancy Feast wet.
Hope this helps... I have used Science Diet Original for over 15 years including when I ran a cat shelter. It was expensive yes but the health of the animals was worth it. It was the only thing I would buy my cats and it kept them healthy. I'm not sure what happened. You switched bags and decreased the amount in the bag and apparently changed the formula. I would have lived though unhappy with the new bag and decreased amount but the new formula is making my cats sick. My cats would only eat some when starving and throw up when they do. Their fur is rough and unhealthy. I have had to switch to another cat food for them to be okay. There is no point in spending the kind of money that your product costs anymore though I have done so in good faith for many years to the betterment of my pets. Why did you try to fix something that wasn't broken?After eating T/D Science Diet one of my male cats became very ill. I noticed he wasn't behaving like himself but he had just been to the vet for a regular visit in the past few days. I started feeding him T/D Science Diet. I thought he was stressed from the vet visit that was just a routine checkup. Approximately seven to ten days later he was vomiting, no bowel movements, abnormal vocalizations, dehydrated, and lethargic. I rushed him to an emergency vet hospital to find that he was constipated to point of obstruction/impaction.I feed Hill's Science Diet Indoor cat and have had no issues. My kitten also ate this brand kitten food. Love it! I am a very loyal Science Diet fan. I have researched pet nutrition and feel that Hill's is a good, reliable company that cares about pets and provides a product that you can really trust.My six year old cat developed a urinary blockage and it was suggested to use Hills CD. I used the wet food and then tried the dry CD for cats. My cat started losing weight/vomiting and was generally tired. He developed diabetes. His blood sugar was 555. Normal for cats is 104-240 I think. I just happened to look at the ingredients on the CD dry food and it had 35% carbs!!! My research began and found out cats should NOT be eating carbs as they are strictly carnivores. Long story short, I feed him a pure meat diet from a cat food you cannot find in the box stores. No more diabetes! It's been 5 months now and I still check his sugar once a month. No problems at all. His blood sugar is normal! He had tremendous energy and his coat is soooo silky. I blame Hill's Science Diet for this. What a racket!Veterinarians know that the best cat food is a healthy one. That’s why more of them feed Hill’s Science Diet® cat foods to their own cats than any other brand. You could say they’re experts in the Science Behind Happy.