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For reviews on the various types of cat food, be sure to check out  (not specific to Savannahs).
Our kittens are weaned on a diet of Evo Cat and Kitten dry and wet food. Dry food is left out at all times for free-feeding. It is best to feed your new kitten the same food that he or shehas been used to eating. Any change in diet should be done gradually, over a period of several days, adding a little more of the new food each day. This will prevent digestive problems. The main goal of any feeding program should be to obtain the optimum nutrition available for your kitten. When choosing dry or canned food, read the label. The first ingredientshould be a meat or poultry product. Even though this type of cat food is more expensive, your kitten will eat less since a smaller amount will satisfy her nutritional requirements. Aserving of cooked chicken or beef heart, kidney, liver, or other meat is a good snack. You'll be amazed at how much your Savannah will enjoy a treat occasionally. Treats are okay as longas they do not become a main dish. Too many treats steal the appetite and keeps the kitten from getting the nutrients he or she needs from the primary cat food.

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Raw vs. Kibble: Premium cat food, whether raw, canned or kibble is recommended and your Savannah will be happy and healthy on premium foods. If you choose to feed raw food, please research dietary requirements for cats prior to preparing a raw diet. You can find many nutritious recipes by researching BARF diets online. Savannah cats need to be fed a high quality cat food in wet and dry form.How much Food? | Savannah Cat Chat - THE Place for Savannah Cat TalkAt Sanura Exotics our Savannah Cats eat high quality cat food with no animal bi-products
At present, there are no breed-specific health issues for the Savannah cat, but there is a heated debate about the best food to provide these beautiful cats to keep them healthy.(Savannahs love to snack rather than eat large meals.) Free-choice dry food is cleaner, easier to handle and is less expensive than other cat food.Dry food is less energy-dense and less palatable to most cats but has the advantage that it can be left unrefrigerated and your Savannah can snack as it pleases.Your breeder will provide advice on how to feed your new family member but breeders do not all agree on what is the best food for your Savannah cat.The best way to protect your cat's health is to provide a great diet. Investing in high-quality food will save you hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of dollars in veterinarian bills. But which food is best for your Savannah cat?Investment in higher quality gourmet cat food is one of the best ways to avoid expensive veterinarian bills. Rations are not recommended for Savannahs as they usually contain grains and are generally of poorer quality.Savannahs need a lot of protein but there is an active debate on whether raw food, wet food, dry food or a combination of these foods is the best way to get it. So how do you choose the ideal food for your beautiful Savannah cat?Some breeders argue that a Savannah cat diet should contain at least 32% protein. While this target seems to favour either raw food or canned food, some canned cat food includes only 10% protein while a dry food may contain 35% protein by dry weight.Gourmet foods contain the higher percentage of meat needed by Savannahs, but even the rodents hunted by the Savannah's ancestors were not all meal. The African Serval would have eaten all of the bones and stomach contents as well as the muscles of their wild catch.Consistent quality is an important consideration when choosing cat food for your beautiful Savannah. Producers of the lower cost foods will often use a least-cost-formula, which results in variations in ingredients as the prices of the ingredients fluctuate.