Here in Savannah, there is no shortage of cats waiting to be adopted.

I would love to adopt a Savannah Cat someday. They are so beautiful, and wild-looking!
The rescue will also work with foster homes to make some rehabilitation to those cats if necessary, vet them by spraying and vaccinating them, and also evaluate whether they need any special requirement. However, they give the first preference to foster homes to adopt their fostered Savannah in case it works on their home.
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I have taken the liberty of reproducing this verbatim for accuracy. They too have a Yahoo Group, which may interest potential adopters of a Savannah cat. It is here: Did you ever find a Savannah to adopt? Where are you located?F1 Savannah Cat Ming - ADOPTEDF1 Savannah Cat Ming - ADOPTED
These questions make it sound like you're adopting a child! In fact buying a Savannah cat is an . The breeder (if reputable) will make every effort to place his baby in a decent home.If you made it this far reading, chances are... you want to know more about these very loving, exotic, caring and awesome pets. First you may need to know more about how this breed came about and what all the F1, F2, and so on... means. So we encourage you to check out our "" page. There you will find out a lot more about the Savannah Cat breed, how they came about, their temperament, how they may fit in your family and you can expect to see when looking to adopt a Savannah. in the chart at the bottom of the "" page.Our cats and kittens are fostered in private homes. It is important to us that no foster is over-burdened and that no cat feels overcrowded, so the number of animals we keep is limited. Our fosters are not contacts for our group nor do they participate in an adoption process. Some of our cats or kittens may be on display at local stores or veterinary offices. Although they may be visited during regular business hours, please do not expect the business employees to be able to answer questions about the cat or open locked cages for you.
Texas Exotic Cat Rescue specializes in cats who appear to have some wild heritage, such as BengalsChausies, Sokokes, and Savannahs, including derived breeds and mixes of those, and some others such as the Pixie Bobs and Ocicats who just look like a wild cats. Often these cats need slightly different care than other cats, perhaps requiring more personal territory and exercise than the average house cat, so we may not have as many cats in our rescue than other shelters. Expect that a cat or a kitten in our shelter not be a purebred animal unless specifically written into the individual cat's write-up. In rescue we can only go by phenotype and what we may know from a previous owner or shelter. If you are seeking a purebred cat, we suggest that you attend a few cat shows and select from a breeder involved in showing his cats. This way the association is currently monitoring the breeder's cats. Are you looking to adopt (in other words, buy) a Savannah kitten? If so, you'll eventually be dealing with breeders who specialize in exotic cats. You want to be sure you're talking to the one that is right for you.Savannah cats are known to be one of the most expensive cats. Actually, the first generation of these cats were indeed costly. However, the savannah cats’ population have grown in number. The generation of cats that we have today are no longer as expensive like before. If fact, you can adopt them by simply visiting Savannah Cat Rescue. Also, do you assignment and research on the available prices offered today.This shows that their effort to assist cat owners in working through their problems adds to the inequity, which is best for cats. In facts, Savannah Rescue found that 90% of their foster homes adopts the cat they foster at the end.