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After her best friend, , moves to Italy, travels from Seattle on a motorcycle where was set to speak about web TV series at Hollywood Arts High School, the setting for . There, she rescues from a dumpster. The two eventually become roommates and best friends with . They love their freedom and independence but quickly realize that fun and adventure don't come cheap. Rather than get traditional after-school jobs, Sam and Cat become teen entrepreneurs by starting their own .
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After , , and came back from the fight, they found Hector handcuffed to a sleeping Cat and Sam's motorcycle missing. Hector starts yelling in a foreign language, then Sam wakes Cat up. Cat tells everyone that she drank the whole Pon-Thwang bottle that Dice gave her. Hector yells at her then Goomer scolds him for saying rude things. Everyone leaves to find out what happened to Sam's motorcycle, but Sam comes back to free Cat from Hector and handcuffs him to the doorway. Hector is then given a bucket to pee in and some food to eat. keep their food and promises Sam and Cat free cheeseburgers for as long as they live.Sam then arrived and held Maurice, Nora's pet rooster, hostage until Nora would free Cat and DiceSam and Cat S01E32 PROPER HDTV x264-W4F Free eBooks Download - EBOOKEE! Proxy Unblocked
I was watching this on the way to someplace and it's sure a very memorable one. Full of those crazy fun carts, car chases, and briefly living the high life. Sam discovers Cat's been using money from an ATM she manages to get by playing the notes to Take Me Out to the Ball Game, explaining why they're able to afford so many things for themselves and the kids they'll babysit. She doesn't want to go back to juvie but Cat, already gotten more money, tempts her into shopping with her with the money, with Sam only wanting to be apart of this just one time. Later though, Cat persuades her to go for one more trip to the "Magic ATM" after getting the pills for Dice's monkey from #DollSitting. The pills get crushed, Cat gets caught but Sam doesn't want her to go to jail alone so she puts a drink down a cop's pants (played by Scott Baio). A crazy car chase ensues and the cop is out of commission and rather than simply freeing themselves and stopping the car to escape, instead Sam chases down a criminal whose wanted for $5000 and beats him down. Since they owe $4000, catching the criminal helps them pay for their crime and they avoid getting sued, and have the stuff they bought taken. Things end well regardless. This episode shows that not only does Sam seem to be better as a person with Cat or Carly Shay around, this shows Cat can be more daring and aggressive as we've seen already compared to how she was in Victorious (light-hearted, kind and bubbly). I think with Sam & Cat they bring out a side of each other we've never seen before and surely there's no more incidents with the ATM after this episode.

For the funny moments, I really love Cat's version of Take Me Out to the Ball game. It's the funniest Cat moment EVER. And the fact that others (even Dice who walks in) knew the lyrics and it surprises Sam, that was a perfect moment. Another funny moment being when Sam shoves a drink down the police officer's pants for Cat and then later chases and beats down a criminal and is spanking him. Even the kids they babysat in this episode at the beginning were really funny! The new opening credits is nice, I like it more than the first season's/ first half of season 1's opening. The ending we see Sam, Cat, Dice, Goomer and Nona altogether for the first time in another funny scene.

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