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However, it may be Cecil’s owner, not Safeway, who is keeping the cat from fulfilling his duties:
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He’s “a thing” on #catsofinstagram, rarely escaping customers who want to snap selfies with him. He has and his own hashtag, #cecilthesafewaycat. HURRY over to the Safeway Facebook page and request your coupon for a FREE Bag of Priority Pet Dog or Cat Food!PET FOOD AT SAFEWAY FOR CATSToday is $5 day at Safeway and Arm & Hammer cat litter is one of the $5 deals again. It has been a while since we had
Cecil is a cat who has faithfully visited his friends at Safeway in Portland, Oregon, and gone out of his way to make customers feel welcome. He’ll often be found sleeping on the soda, or curled up in a shopping cart when he’s ready for a break.Odor fighter. 3x odor protection. Naturally scented. Baking soda for long lasting odor control. Hard clumping action. Priority Total Pet Care Scoopable Multiple Cat Formula Cat Litter is specially formulated for advanced, long lasting odor control. Odor Fighter and all natural baking soda combat common litter box odors while the all natural scent leaves it fresh, clean and virtually odor free. Its special clumping granules quickly absorb liquid while lasting weeks longer than conventional litter. Superior odor control for multiple cat households. Harder, faster clumping for quick and easy waste removal. Environmentally friendly and safe for cats and kittens. 99% dust free. Product of USA.Workers at the Safeway explain how Cecil is the sweetest kitty, and he’s well looked after. Even customers often buy their cats extra treats so that they can share them with Cecil.A cat named Cecil has been a loyal 'usher' to the Safeway store in Portland, Oregon. He comes to the store almost every morning and spends his time greeting customers, making friends and napping away.Filled by weight, not by volume. Settling may occur during shipment. Replace lid after use and store out of reach of pets. Open container present a remote safety risk to unattended cats or dogs. Store in a cool, dry place.If you lived in Southeast Portland, a trip to the supermarket was, until recently, a happy opportunity to see Cecil the Safeway Cat. The Safeway supermarket at the corner of Cesar Chavez and Powell blvds was the daily hangout for Cecil, a grey and white tabby who wanted nothing more than to work in the grocery business.Pregnant, nursing or immunosuppressed persons should use good cleanliness and safety practices when handling soiled litter or pet waste. Cat feces can transmit a diseased called toxoplasmosis. Consult your physician for more information.A spokeswoman for Safeway said store workers haven’t seen the cat around the store for a few days, and while the store hasn’t officially banned the cat, non-service animals are not allowed in the store.