These toys will allow your cat to have fun and stay safe.

How do you make sure your cat’s toys are safe?
You can find many safe catnip toys, too. Although some seem to be immune to it, catnip can be irresistible for many cats. Even though it can stimulate a sense of euphoria in cats, making some slightly sedated and others hyperactive, experts say it's safe and isn't addictive for cats.
It's important to let your cat only play with toys or other objects that are safe. Cat-proof the house by hiding these things:
It sounds like you’re better off with other interactive toys, Tom. They’re safer, and more fun for cats anyway. You can also use a flashlight with a narrow beam; some cats will chase it like a laser, and you don’t have to worry about safety. Cats need to pounce and play. Read this article to learn how to pick safe cat toys your feline friend will enjoy.Do you have any tips or suggestions for cat toys that are safe? Maybe you make toys for cats? Leave us a comment.[…] Safe toys for your cat […]
When getting a toy for your cat, it's important to keep safety in mind. You should opt for toys that are suitable for your cat, according to his size and energy level.Cats have tongues covered with sharp, rearward-facing barbs that can make it extremely difficult to spit out the string. If the string gets stuck in your cat's mouth, she will just keep swallowing the string. This can cause internal blockage and severe injuries to your cat's intestinal tract. Your cat can also become entangled with the string "toy."

Be sure to only allow your cat to play with safe cat toys or supervise your cat's play with potentially dangerous toys. What’s for play and what is completely off-limits due to health or safety reasons. You’ll have to devote extra time and effort especially in the beginning, to make sure your kitten never tries to swallow any toys. This includes specialized made for cat toys. There are plenty of great cat toys on the market, but you don’t need to spend a ton of money to keep your kitty entertained. Bored cats can become destructive, so it’s important to keep them mentally and physically stimulated with fun things to play with. Here are eight common household objects that can make fun, safe cat toys, and a few items you shouldn’t let your cat play with.
Try this: drop a ping pong ball into an empty tissue box and watch your cat go crazy trying to get it out!

And the classic entertainment piece: the empty paper bag! Most cats go wild dashing in and out of the bag and skating across the kitchen floor. (Don't use plastic bags!)

Use your imagination to come up with other homemade and safe toys for your cat. And let your cat show you what she likes to play with. But remember, only let your cat play with safe cat toys.

Many safe and interactive cat toys are also available for purchase for your cat. My cat's favorite toy is called the . This is about a three-foot long stiff wire with tightly rolled paper on either end of the wire. You can move the wire erratically in all sorts of directions and your cat will go crazy trying to catch it! In addition to buying safe toys, you also have to make sure that your home is safe for your cat. Remove any pins, needles, paper clips or small dangerous objects that could be swallowed by your cat.Cats have a natural desire to play, pounce, leap and run about and they’re easily entertained with a little effort. If you don’t provide your cat with appropriate, safe toys, he’ll almost certainly find something around the house to play with—and it may not be something you’d like to become a cat toy.