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Does your cat love to scratch everything in the house? Are your drapes and furniture starting to look a little shabby but not chic? It may be a little bit ironic, but your cat will LOVE lounging on this long, low dog-shaped scratching bed! The friendly dog pattern adds a whimsical touch to your home décor, and the durable honeycomb surface on top feels like tree bark, which is one of most cats’ favorite textures to scratch! There are two cat scratch pad sizes available: Small and Large. The Cool Dog Cat Scratch Bed is made to last, handmade from recycled paper, so it’s an eco-friendly product too!
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Corrugated cardboard scratchers - all four of my cats love these. even the rabbit loves them! she regularly snoozes on top of them and chews the cardboard edges. these don't last long in my house, but if I can find them on sale, they're well worth the price. this "bed" shape is their favorite, but they love them all. W-shape Cat Scratcher with Free Catnip -- For more information, visit now : Cat scratching postIf your cat likes to roll and scratch, then an S-shaped scratcher best suits her.​Imperial Cat Butterfly Scratch and Shape  For more information, visit now : Cat scratcher
S-shaped Scratcher Lounge has a corrugated scratching surface that’s great for meeting your cat’s instinct to scratch while stretching his muscles and removing the dead outer layer of his claws.I wanted to share more of the artful, and perhaps, outrageous cat scratchers. They show that imagination and creativity are never lost when it comes to cat claws. Like Eric Stehmann's Mona Lisa scratcher below, these fabulous designs invite your cat to tear in, but dare you let your cat at them?Geekercity Cat Scratcher Premium Wave Shape Pet Kitty Cat Scratching Pad Seize Catch Board Mat Cardboard Cat Lounge with Catnip [Pet Claws Care Toy ] *** Can't believe it's available, see it now : Cat scratcherIn this study, kittens preferred cardboard S-shaped scratchers above all others; although in my experience, larger adult cats may not be as enthusiastic about them.Wave S Shaped Curved Cat Scratcher Us-made cardboard scratcher with cosmic catnip bag included.. Allows cats to instinctively scratch for hours.. All items are brand new, never worn and never used. We guarantee the authenticity of all items.. #CosmicCatnip #PetProductsInstead of punish your cat for following her natural instincts to scratch, understand first why she is scratching and provide her with an alternative like a post for sharpening of claws and stretching arms. But, if your furry friend does not use the scratcher you provided, then it may need some help to choose the post instead of the new couch or table legs. Check some ideas how to establish good scratching habits in your feline []ADVANCED LIVING S-Shaped Cat Kitten Corrugated Pad Scratcher 45115cm Bed Mat Claws Care Interactive Toy For Pet Cat Training Cat Toy => You can get more details here : Cat scratcherSo scratchers, whether they are tall posts, horizontal corrugated cardboard “beds” or fun-shaped feline furniture, apart from keeping claws in check, also help keep cats’ front leg and paw muscles toned and healthy.