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You & Me Two Story Round Cat Condo
The Loft And Round 2-Tier Cat Condo will provide your cat with many enjoyable hours of catnapping and fun! Features Two-tier scratching post furniture with a cradle on a sisaled 30″ pole and a tunnel on two carpeted 6″ poles, all on a 21″ x 18″ base. Perfect for clawing or for relaxing on a rainy day. Ideal for multiple cat households. It is available in several carpet colors that will look nice in any home decor.
You & Me Round Cat Condo
This exceptional appearing tree is a bush dwellers delight and it’s designed especially for cats that are big. We understand it doesn’t seem big but like the Cat Corner Condominium the top landing is wide and has a 1-2 inch brim running around the edge. You and Me Round Cat Condo, Brown ** Additional details at the pin image, click it : Cat Tree and TowerYou & Me Round Cat Condo
Cheesy Cat Condo the cheesy shape with all the round holes in it! not sure if sisal post is long enough?? Overall Dimensions: 25.5x9x18/8x26.75 and Condo Dimensions:25.5x9x18/8 #$32.99 with low shipping priceUnlike dogs who show their owners and even some strangers unconditional love, cats are more discerning animals and are more economical when showing their affection. For those reasons, many pet owners consider cats the superior pet, knowing that a cat's love is earned, not simply given. Considering their relatively recent domestication and their close ties with their feral cousins, cats need furniture that replicates their surroundings in the wild. Used cat furniture, such as a cat condo or , can provide the ideal place for cats to doze, watch birds and squirrels, or to simply look down their noses at their owners. In addition, having a piece of used cat furniture can provide cats with an activity center where they can climb, sharpen their claws, or play with a toy mouse that may be hanging from a perch. To find the right piece of used cat furniture for one's home, it is important to consider the recommendations outlined in this guide. With this information and the various pieces of used cat furniture available on eBay, pet owners will find something to suit even the most discerning cat's needs.The sisal posts on this fancy cat furniture will allow your cat to stretch out during the daily scratch exercises and the cozy condo will give a place for a cat nap. The furniture comes with a ladder for easy climbing and two round beds on top with lazy backs as well. Give your kitty a fun place to play with this kitty cat furniture.A pretty large condo for cats. It has a square foot, a pentagonal cubby at the bottom and an edged platform on 3 round posts. There's a dangling cat toy over the cubby. It's handmade of wood and covered in brownish carpet fabric.I'm often asked how much rope is needed for a given project. Due to the huge array of posts, tubes, & columns out there, I'm unable to give an estimate that a DIY-er can hang her hat on.
Some factors that will affect the footage you will be needing are:
1) Whether you are wrapping a round structure or a rectangular structure (like 2x4's),
2) How tightly you are wrapping, and
3) How well you compress the rows together.
Valerie, a potential customer in Florida who was planning to repair the sisal posts on a favorite cat condo proposed a couple of different ways to calculate the footage needed for her project, and passed them along to me. I experimented with these calculations, using several different tubes, and found one of these formulas to be quite accurate. The other one didn't account for some factors that the better one did, and we agreed that this one works the best.
I won't go into the details of the equation, here, since even if you had it now, you'd still need a small amount of my 3/8" sisal rope in order to get a reliable result. So, I'm offering a kit at my website, Feline Design Cat Furniture, on the bulk rope page. Those of you who wish to avail yourself of Valerie's well-considered calculation can navigate to that page & order this "Footage Kit". Just search for "Feline Design Sisal Rope".
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Valerie, who didn't have to share her work with all of us, but she did. And she'll never know how many kitties she has helped, but I will know ( and now you will too ).The cat condo is made from pressed wood which makes up the tree / bush trunk and the platforms. Each platform is then covered in a carpet material which cannot be removed. The base comes in either a round or a square design and is covered with a grass-like artificial turf. Whilst the leaves are made from a smooth silky material which is non-toxic.