Gatefeeder GF-100 RFID Controlled Automated Pet Feeder for Cats

Surefeed - Antan and Boxer - microchip - RFID chip - automatic feeder -cat feeding
To work, the feeders must be isolated in separate rooms with room access triggered by the RFID tag. Otherwise, the bully cow or hungry cat will shove the other out of the way and eat their food. Even with room access (or shutes in the case of cows, the hungry/bully will quickly learn to shove its way in along with, or just in front of the properly tagged animal.
RFID Cat feeder. Need this for our super fat kitten who steals his brother's food
Customer reviews at Brookstone are a little mixed, but the feeder gets about 3.5 out of 5 stars overall. One customer complained it took time for the cats to get used to the sound of the feeder while another customer felt the infrared tags don't work as well as RFID tags. In the end, they all seemed to agree the feeder basically works. Wireless Whiskers is a very sophisticated patented RFID feeder in high volume production with many unique capabilities:Magnetic, RFID, or Microchip Cat Feeder Box System - MeowSpaceRFID Cat Feeder Testing - YouTube
A RFID pet door can to approximate these conditions by having the antenna around the perimeter of the door hole and since this application that needs infrequent detection, the delay while the pet fidgets to activate the reader is acceptable. However for applications that require instant response or continuous reading such as automatic pet feeders, it may take pets several weeks to learn to lean their neck against the antenna. Even then detection is patchy and not reliable and pets and owners frequently lose patience and become frustrated.An Arduino based RFID Cat Feeder using a cereal dispenser operated by an electric motor with gearbox and managed by an LN298 H-Bridge and RFID RC5222 reader. 3. Review whether the feeder is appropriate for either/or cats or dogs. Certain models, like the Gatefeeder RFID model below, is specificall designed for cats. It may work with the smallest of dogs, but realize canine and feline bodies are notably different in dimensions and dietary requirements. It's a smart pet feeder! Using your pet's existing microchip or SureFlap RFID collar tag, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder will only open for the right pet, keeping cats, dogs and even children out of your pet's food. It's ideal for pets that tend to overeat, pets on prescription diets or homes with small children.
When a registered pet approaches the feeder, the lid slides open, allowing them to feed. When they have finished eating and they have walked away, the lid closes, keeping everyone else out.
The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is compatible with all microchip types worldwide. Programming your pet's microchip into the feeder is achieved at the push of a button; there's no need for you to know your pet's microchip number.
The feeder can store up to 32 pets, so it can be used with more than one pet if needed.
This product is supplied with one grey bowl, one split grey bowl, one grey mat and one RFID collar tag to use if your pet is not microchipped. Additional bowls and mats can be purchased separately in green, blue, pink and grey. Additional collar tags are also available in packs of two.Share This: MeowSpace® RFID Cat Feeder Box The MeowSpace® RFID cat feeder box enclosure works much like the MeowSpace® Magnetic Cat Feeder, but using an RFID collar tag instead of a magnetic collar tag. While the magnetic tag works by a slight tugging downward to unlatch the locked flap as your cat enters, the Feeder detects cat using RadioFrequency Identification (the white disk on his collar is an RFID tag). 10 seconds after the cat is gone the door closes. An infrared proximity sensor is there to make sure the door never closes when anything is in the way (for example, while the cat is eating, the RFID may not be constantly activated so this is to prevent the door from closing while he is still there). The process is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. The door mechanism and motor are from an old CD-rom player.