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how the EnviroKats reusable and recycled cat litter system works and how to clean it
The award-winning Modkat top-entry litter box looks great, nearly eliminates litter tracking and provides an unparalleled experience for you and your cat. Its modern design complements any room, while the enclosed base and “rooftop" access allows your cat privacy to do his or her business. And the reusable tarp litter liner is friendly to your wallet and the environment.

Modern design
Greatly reduces litter tracking
Easy to clean
Seamless base prevents leaking
Hanging scoop
Reusable tarp liner (one included)
Dimensions: 16” x 16“ x 15" H
Litter Boxes Littermaid Waste Receptacles 12 Pack Reusable Disposable Plastic Cat Waste New * More info could be found at the image url.
CozyCabin Female Pet Diaper Pant Sanitary Physiological Menstrual Panties Dog Diaper Underwear Velcro Reusable Washable -- Startling review available here : Cat litter Litter Boxes 100411: Flip Litter Box Modko Cat Pan Pet Standard Kitty Scoop Reusable Tarp Liner New - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $97.97 on eBay!Pea gravel and two layers of litter boxes for a washable, reusable, waste-free cat litter alternative.Modkat Litter Box | Modko. I wonder if my cat would use it. But the reusable liner kind of freaks me out, hmmm...
Reusable Cat Litter Bins made using a 2 drawer Sterilite bin. Holes (smaller than the aquarium pebbles) in the bottom of the top drawer allow liquids to pass through to the bottom drawer, where they are easily disposed of. Rocks are washable. Note: Will use a shorter, larger, two drawer system next time for a less claustrophobic feel for the kitties. These are saving me a bundle on cat litter! Great cat box alternative!I’ll be honest: Even though I own several reusable shopping bags, I seldom use them. The reason? I have three cats, and I use plastic grocery bags when I clean the litterbox because I can tie them up when I’m done.Kristen probably guessed from my comment on Overcoming Reusable Bag Shyness that I'd be back with a whole post on eco-friendly cat litter self cleaning litter boxes, i have several complaints. my husband bought one and our cat's back paw was sliced open, resulting in infection, renal failure and over $1000 in vet bills. she's ok, but now on modified kidney diet. also, the cartridges don't lock in properly, so litter ends up underneath the thing and you have to clean up much more than you normally would. there are several nooks & crannies that catch litter and need to be cleaned out. you can only use certain litter. the stuff that comes with it is corn based, but the cartridges aren't reusable and the thing requires electricity, hardly what i call "green."You will love our Cats Incredible™ Reusable Tote Bag! The design features our Cats Incredible litter bag with “Ricky the Rescue” cat on both sides. Show your love for cats and support a great cause too, all net profits* go to help fund The Lucy Pet Foundation!Carrying heavy containers of cat litter and scooping the cat box is the biggest concern for many cat lovers and for some, prevents them from owning a cat in the first place. When we developed the CatGenie, our goal was to rid cat owners of the burden of cat litter, the result? A self-washing cat box that cleans reusable Washable Granules instead of cat litter. CatGenie are 100% dust free and septic safe. To find out more about what went into creating Washable Granules, I interviewed a customer service rep at CatGenie. Here are top 3 common misconceptions about CatGenie Washable Granules debunked by an expert.