3 Easy Ways To Remove The Smell Of Cat Or Dog Urine From Upholstery

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There may be times when baking soda can't tackle the strong smell of cat urine. Commercial odor removers work really well to eliminate the odor your cat's mess can leave behind.
I don’t like the smell of orange essential oil. Will lavender work in the recipe for removing dog /cat urine smell?
Cat urine is one of the most pungent smells associated with pets, and it’s also one of the most difficult to remove from the home. Understanding the basics of cat urine and how to remove odors from various surfaces in the home can help cat owners dispel unpleasant odors that often accompany the joys of cat ownership. 3 Easy Ways to Remove the Smell of Cat or Dog Urine from UpholsteryHow to Remove the Smell of Cat or Dog Urine from UpholsteryHow to Remove the Smell of Cat Urine from Running Shoes: 7 Steps
It’s crucial that the product that you use is enzymatic, which has special biological enzymes that greatly reduce the smell of cat urine, and sometimes remove it completely. Remember that it’s important to follow the instructions on the bottle very carefully – they’re there for a reason. Applying too much of certain cleaners can have a negative effect on some carpets and fabrics.How to get rid of cat urine smell is one of the biggest questions cat owners have when it comes to dealing with bad behavior. The problem is, you may have already “fixed” the cause of the issue, i.e. you’ve stopped your cat from urinating or the offending feline is no longer there, but the effects still linger (cat urine smell) on things like carpet, rugs, furniture, clothing and worse, in the air. Cleaning cat urine odor from your home can be easy or difficult, all depending on how many places it exists and also how many other smells around the home are present to help mask the cat pee odor. Whatever the case may be, if you have cat urine smell, you need to get rid of it. Besides being annoying and unpleasant, this potent smell can be extremely bothersome to overly sensitive people and can be a big turn off to visitors, other pets and, of course, prospective buyers if you’re selling your home. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the most common methods people have used for cat urine odor removal and how well they do at resolving the problem for you and your nose!To remove cat urine odor from clothing, add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to the wash. The odor will be gone and your clothes will smell fresh.The smell of cat urine is especially pungent -- a good sniff of your surroundings on a warm day will let you know when the neighbor's cats have paid a visit. Removing the smell of urine helps prevent recurrences, especially since cats are likely to return to places they've previously marked. With enzyme-based cleaners and certain deterrents, you can keep cats at bay and your outside air smelling fresh.So you have a concrete floor, perhaps in your basement or under your carpet in your home that seems to be permanently stained with pet urine, a.k.a dog or cat pee. You can smell or see pet urine stains that no matter how much you bleach or wash with vinegar don’t go away. It’s as if you have to settle with the fact that once dog or cat urine has seeped into concrete, it’s there forever. What’s worse is it seems to give off a permanent urine odor, constantly releasing stringing and offensive fumes. Let’s take a look at how we can remove pet urine from concrete the right way so that you have a clean smelling cement floor again.Because cat urine contains proteins the smell is much stronger and requires cleaners that can break down and remove the protein. The presence of ammonia in the urine also contributes to the smell, and you should avoid using ammonia-based cleaners found in most over-the-counter products. If you don't care to buy the special cleaners equipped with enzymes to eliminate proteins, you can use a few household products to sufficiently remove cat urine odors.