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Routine litter box cleaning is also extremely important to addressing the problem. A box full of dirty litter and leavings is a place most cats would rather avoid, and they may choose to express their unhappiness with the situation by spraying, puddling and pooping in other areas of the home. It's good practice to scoop the on a daily basis, and completely change the litter and wash the box at least once a week.
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My babysitter's cat urinated on my sons car seat. I used the vinegar solution. It worked great on the fabric that could be removed and washed but the straps still smell horribble. I sprayed the vinegar solution right on the straps. I rinsed and repeated for about 45 minutes....they still stink. Do you thik that the peroxide solution will be to strong or discolor the black straps????? How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Carpet, Cat Spray, Remove Cat Urine From Carpet, Get Rid Of Cat Smell - YouTubecat spray removerTo remove cat urine odor from a carpet you can spray a mixture of vinegar and warm water onto the affected area,...
I have stray cats that visit my yard. They have gotten into my garden shed and sprayed on just about everything. Any suggestions how I can remove the odor?
Thank you.Yes a neutered cat can and will still spray sometimes. 1st of all I would skip the cayenne pepper. It can blind an animal and create enormous pain. I have seen many things tried. Some folks get rid of the dirt near windows and replace it with rock or gravel to remove the temptation to potty there. Fencing the area with the top portion of the fence bent outward at a 45 degree angle. My favorite is an attachment for your hose that sprays when something crossed in front of it. We used that to get rid of racoons. You might try a google search to find a noxious smell that repels cats and doesnt cost too much. You are wise to do something about this. Some cats arre so intimidated by cats visiting their windows that they begin spraying themselves. If all else fails you can block the view at the window. good luck.Cat spray can be washed from vinyl siding with just soap and water. When cat spray is on fabric or wood you need to use a bio-remediation product like rid-ex or similar product containing bacteria that eats the organic matter contained in the cat spray, turning it into carbon dioxide and water. See my prior posts on this issue. I have several posts on cat and dog urine removal. Let us know if simply washing the vinyl siding worked for you.I wish that I could come up with an easy fix for you but unfortunately I've found this kind of situation doesn't have any quick fix. The best advise I could give you is the advise I followed. Instead of wasting tons of money on clean up just to have them repeat it over and over I think you should invest in a live trap. You can pick them up under $30.00 and they can come in handy over and over. After selecting the right trap you should contact the local animal control and request assistance with the costs of spaying ferals. You might even be able to borrow or rent a trap from them but I suggest that instead of waiting on them to just spend the $30.00 so you'll always have 1 on hand since ferals and strays show up all the time. After finding a group that'll help cover the costs of spaying then just bring your cats in for the night and set the trap with some tuna or cat food. I'd also suggest that you figure out where you are going to store your catch in between the trapping and spaying since you'll need to store the cats safely after they've been trapped. Before trapping you might want to check out sites online that'll help you through the trappings and everything that you'll need to know about safely trapping, spaying and releasing. As soon as they are trapped you'll want to get them to the vets and have them spayed as soon as possible. Depending on how many ferals and strays you have this might have to be a project that takes a few weeks but it'll be worth it once they've all been spayed. After trapping them and having them spayed they will usually calm down with the spraying, fighting and breeding and that's when you'll actually have a fighting chance with clean up since cleaning up while you have ferals just waiting in the shadows to remark their territory will just cost lots of time and money with little results. There are also a lot of ideas that you can find on line to help keep them away but I think that the best results will always be from trapping, neuturing and releasing since the Tomcats will always find away through any defenses you put up because they only care about finding the ladies and spraying is how they do that.