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Sep 24, 2014 - Still, there are many remedies for hairballs in cats, including the use of wheat ..
Never mind that these little “surprises” are disgusting to look at, but some cats scatter them around the home like a minefield. And doesn't it always seem that you only step on them while you're barefoot? Shaving your cat might be a tempting idea, but we don’t recommend it. Have you ever seen how pathetic a wet cat looks? A shaved cat will look much the same. Instead, step up the grooming routine and try a less drastic remedy for those pesky hairballs. Brush your feline friend daily and then thoroughly wipe down its fur with a moist towel.
BTW, I like the Hartz Hairball Remedy Soft Chews for my 9 year old mamacat’s chronic constipation, they are innocuous AND they work!
Fresh pumpkin purée is the perfect home remedy for hairball, as it is rich in fiber. If fresh pumpkin is not available you can use canned pumpkin as well. Puree the pumpkin and add 1 teaspoon per day to your cat’s food and check its stool regularly, if the hairball has come out. Once the situation is under control, use pumpkin purée for one or two times in a week. Home Remedies For Hairballs in Cats - The Safe and the Not So SafeWhat are some natural remedies for hairballs in cats? - QuoraPetArmor for Cats Hairball Remedy helps eliminate and prevent hairballs
You can buy over-the-counter proprietary medicines for hairballs – mild malt-flavored lubricating cat laxatives that contain white soft paraffin and cod liver oil.

These can be given to cats prone to hairballs when they're moulting, but do check with your vet, before buying anything over the counter, that the remedy is suitable for your particular pet.

Another cat hairball remedy (an old breeder's trick) is to use a small dab of petroleum jelly. Dab it on the cat's nose or paws, where it will get licked off and act as a mild laxative.

Regular use of a petroleum-based hair ball remedy such as Petromalt can help move hair through the digestive system. Most brands of hairball treatment recommend a small weekly dose, but be sure to read the directions on the product you use. Commercial hairball remedies are formulated to taste appealing to cats, but if your cat doesn’t readily eat the treatment from your finger or out of her food dish, you might try spreading it on her paws or just under her nose. This last method is the only way I can get Piper to take her hairball medicine.A cat’s tongue is structured to pull away dead hair when she licks her fur, and most of that hair passes through the digestive system and ends up in the litter box. But sometimes a hair ball forms in the stomach, and can only be expelled by the cat throwing up. Since nobody—not even a cat—likes to throw up, and because cat vomit is gross to clean out of the carpet, the best hairball remedy is hairball prevention. Because, really, hiring carpet cleaners or buying carpet treatments is pretty expensive.Hairball treats provide another option for lubricating your cat’s digestive system. They’re an especially clever option for cats that resist eating a hairball remedy from a tube. Hairball treats usually have a crunchy outer shell and a gooey inside made with mineral oil. Your cat has to eat a lot of these every day (usually around 15) or they won’t be effective. While your cat probably won’t mind this, it’s not a good idea if he has a weight problem. to help with kitty.You do not really need to do anything if your cat coughs up a hairball most of the time. Hairballs that are stuck in their body, are the ones that could cause health issues. There are commercial remedies that we can use to make the passage a lot smoother and easier for the cats:Many pet food companies make hairball cat food. Most of these are effective because they increase the fiber in your cat’s diet, so the package of a hairball formula cat food should indicate that the food contains at least 8% crude fiber. As with any new cat food, make the switch gradually by mixing increasing amounts of the hairball food with the old food until you’re feeding the new food exclusively. A sudden change in diet could give your cat more stomach problems than it remedies.