Jul 4, 2009 - A natural remedy for constipation in cats is olive oil

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Home Remedies for Cat Constipation-With the threat of dehydration and a spell of vomiting, cats may become sick when struck with constipation. Consider home remedies for cat constipation, which can get things moving in the right direction. #constipation #remedies
You might wish to consider dosing pumpkin for you cat's constipation. Read up on EC's page to get an idea of some nutritional remedies here:
There are also other home remedies for constipated cats. These remedies include canned pumpkin, which should relieve constipation, as it is a rich source of fibers. Make sure the canned pumpkin doesn’t contain sugar. Natural Remedies for Constipation in Cats, Dogs and Other PetsHome Remedies For Treating Constipation In Cats | hubpagesa little known, yet VERY healthy remedy for hairballs and constipation in dogs and cats.
Cat constipation may often occur in cats and may be due to adeficient diet, a sedentary lifestyle or the ingestion of a food thatis difficult to digest. Hairballs, stress and an untidy litter box mayalso be causes of constipation in felines. There are a lot of remediesfor cat constipation available; olive oil is a home remedy that may beapplied in constipated cats.Propulsid, also known as cisapride, is a gastroprokinetic agent and may be used as a cat constipation remedy. However, the drug includes severe side effects such as: cardiac arrhythmias and kidney disease. It is not recommended for cats with a heart condition or kidney disease. Propulsid has been removed from the market due to the side effects. Mixing canned pumpkin in with a cat's food is said to be a good remedy for cat constipation. It is very high in fiber, so a cat that eats pumpkin will replenish the fiber in its large intestine, which will strengthen the muscles that line the wall of the large intestine. Cats are rarely constipated but when the condition strikes, you may notice your cat straining to empty its bowels with no success. If the litter box remains empty for more than two days, it's time to see your veterinarian to rule out a blockage or an underlying disorder. However, if your cat is suffering from occasional diet-related constipation, try a home remedy to put your feline back on a healthy elimination schedule.Oat bran may also be a home remedy for feline constipation. Use ½ or1 teaspoon of oat bran on the cat’s food per day and this shouldrelieve the constipation.In the case of mechanical constipation, a condition seen occasionally in long-haired cats when the fur surrounding their anus tangles tightly preventing a bowel movement, you may carefully cut away the offending matted hair. If you cat has been unable to have a bowel movement for a few hours, however, the stools may now be dry and compact and the cat may need additional dietary remedies. Treat constipation as you would a hairball. Veterinarian, Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, author of "Guide to a Healthy Cat," reports that hairball remedies will also provide intestinal lubrication and may help the cat move its bowels. Store-bought formulations provide a laxative effect as will a tiny dab of pure petroleum jelly rubbed on the roof of the cat's mouth that she will lick and swallow.Other important remedies for constipationin cats are:
- Alumina: here, we see constipation without urging. This can be so severe thatthe stools need to be mechanically removed. Everything is dry, the stools, theskin, and the mucous membranes. The mental picture is that of dullness andconfusion.
- Nux vomica: characterised by constant unsuccessful urging. On the otherhand, there can be diarrhoea as well. The mental picture is that of extremesensitivity to external stimuli – the animal can become very quickly irritated.
- Opium: characterised by constipation without urging, combined with anaccumulation of stool in the intestine. The mental picture is that of dullness,as though drugged. In the history of a patient needing Opium, one can usuallyfind a severe shock, after which the complaints have started. A natural remedy for constipation in cats is olive oil. Add one half to 2 tsps. of olive oil to your cat's food on a daily basis for no more than one week. Regular ingestion of olive oil could cause a vitamin A deficiency.