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Automatic cat feeders wet food refrigerated review.
I like that they are trying to use technology to bring things to the next level. But, I don’t think most of the people in their target market free feed dry food/kibble… Personally, I would be excited if someone would invent an automatic feeder with refrigeration built-in, so I can set it up to feed my kitties their raw dinner on nights when I am going to be working late. And one of my cats will scarf his food down and then eat the other cats food, too…so, it would be great if technology could solve that problem, too! haha
Is it safe to feed a cat refrigerated canned cat food leftovers?
I decide to find out the answer to this question because one day we were asked by a client to fill an automatic feeder with canned food for her cat. We were to fill each compartment with a half can of food. The feeder would open each compartment every 6 hours. We were to fill this feeder every 48 hours. This particular feeder was not refrigerated nor did it have an ice compartment (of course the ice would be melted in a few hours). This scenario did not sit well with me. The cat was an older cat at 15 years old. I was worried about the canned food having too much time to form bacteria. Arduino Automatic Refrigerated Cat FeederArduino automatic refrigerated cat feeder stream video download.Arduino Automatic Refrigerated Cat Feeder · Arduino Automatic Refrigerated Cat Feeder
Thanks. We agree, that is a major drawback of automatic cat feeders. There are though, some varieties which are intended for wet food, which contain several refrigerated containers, which open at a preset time. We haven’t tried them, though. Luckily, wet food refrigerated can help you solve all of these problems! Here we recommend two types of automatic cat feeder which will satisfy even the best choosy customers: Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Feeder Bowl with Ice Pack 1-Meal Multicolor Arbitrary Combination from WOpet and C20 2 Bowl 48 Pet Feeder w/1 Ice Pack from Cat Mate The Cat Mate C20 is designed to feed one or two cats, kittens or small dogs when you are away during the day, evening or over a weekend. Food is kept fresh in two easy-clean compartments sealed by closely fitting lids and refrigerated by a built-in ice pack. Just set the timer on each lid to open at the required time, up to 48 hours later. The feeder is constructed from high quality tough plastics and carries a three year guarantee.Hi Tricia,
Thanks for your comment! We do receive lots of cat owners who want to feed wet food with Bistro. However I have to apologize that Bistro is not designed for that at this moment. Mounting a refrigerator seems over-kill for the first product, but we will definitely explore market possibility for such high-end product in the future.The sealed food keeps canned food fresh longer, which allows cats to eat multiple small meals throughout the day, the way cats in the wild would. The feeder is not refrigerated, so I don’t recommend using it for raw food, but canned food can be safely left out for several hours.Doreen, Thank you so much for the information on the canned cat food. We do feed our cats the canned food and often wondered whether it needed to be refrigerated or not. We usually split the can between a morning feeding and an evening feeding, so we were never concerned because it was consumed within the one day. However, now knowing about the 2-hour rule, we will make sure we put the opened can in the refrigerator right away. I have to say that there had been a few occasions when the cats actually smelled the food and walked away. I’m now thinking they sensed it was bad and avoided it.