Lotus Cat Tower from The Refined Feline: Modern, Luxury Cat Towers

Catalpa Cat Tree with 3 platforms sets from The Refined Feline
As all cat owners know, litter trays are smelly and unsightly. However, with its elegant design, the Refined Litter Box makes that problem disappear. Featuring a sliding bottom tray for easy access, a top drawer for storage, and reversible walls for left or right entry, the Refined Litter Box fits perfectly in any room. Tailored to fit your needs, this litter cabinet is also offered in a larger module for automatically litter boxes, as well as a dog-proof model with an entrance on top to keep dogs out. To prevent your cats from spreading litter throughout your home, add a specially designed catch. Constructed in plywood with wood veneer, the Refined Litter Box keeps your home visually striking and odor-free, while making litter maintenance easy.
Catalpa Cat Tree with 3 platforms sets from The Refined Feline
IRVINGTON, NY March 5th, 2016. – Josh Feinkind, President of The Refined Feline®, is excited to announce two new styles joining their popular lines of modern and elegant cat furniture, the Lotus Branch and Lotus Leaf . Lotus Cat Shelves along with the Lotus Cat Tower from The Refined FelineLotus Branch and Leaf Cat Shelves from The Refined FelineDeuter and Mysti on their new cat walk. Cat shelves provided by The Refined Feline
The Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelf gives your cat or cats a great place to perch - on a cloud! The Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelf attaches directly to your wall and comes in a left or right design and in many different colors. The perch has double platforms and has a removable, magnetic pad so your cat(s) will be comfortable for hours. The Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelf is perfect for one or more cats weighing a total of 70 lbs. Even if you don't have more than one cat, having a few shelves will allow your feline to jump from perch to perch and get exercise while keeping an eye on everything.
The A-Frame Cat Bed from The Refined Feline combines attractive features for both you and your favorite feline. Part comfortable bed, part durable scratcher, the A-Frame doubles as a beautiful end table. Now your cat has the best seat in the house with the Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelf. Each shelf has a double platform for your cat to perch on, and is made out of high-grade steel. Having a few cat shelves hanging in your home is great for multi-cat households. However, even if you have only one cat, having a few cat shelves allows your cat to jump from shelf to shelf. In addition, the cozy, magnetic pad helps make sitting more comfortable. Each shelf is sold separately. The Zen Cat Scratcher from The Refined Feline brings harmony into your home by providing an ideal place for your cat to scratch and perch, away from the corners of your fine furniture. When not sinking their claws into its ample, nearly 20" x 40" sisal scratch pad, your cat can relax on top of the Zen's plush cushioned shelf. The rear stepped platform offers easy access, allowing them to perch 3’ from the ground.
The Catalpa Cat Tree from The Refined Feline redefines feline furniture. The Catalpa replaces the embarrassing carpeted cat tree with a stunning design to please you and your cat. Great for multi-cat homes, your favorite felines will love to climb up this nearly six foot tall tower onto each of its extra-long branches, perfect for a cat nap. The Catalpa’s solid construction and weighted base keeps the tree stable even for the most voracious of climbers. Cats love to watch over their surroundings. That's why precious felines will sit on tall pieces of furniture. The Refined Feline Cat Silhouette Cat Perches are made to not only give your cat a place to perch, but to also showcase your love for cats with the three interesting poses to choose from. But why should you have to choose? Having a few cat perches hanging on the walls in your home solves the problem of artless walls, and multi-cat households. If you have only one cat, having a few cat perches also allows your cat to jump from perch to perch. In addition, the comfortable perch pad makes sitting a delight. Plus, the pads are magnetic and attach to the perch easily. Each cat perch is sold separately.