Cat Palace carries about eight different realistic-looking cat trees

We also have a selection of realistic looking cat trees and cat trees with leaves.
I really enjoyed researching this subject because there is so much creativity involved. I mean, you have cat trees that look like they could be in the Hobbit Shire they are so built out. Really, you could find anything to match your taste from the season of leaves you want to putting little doors on in the trunk.
Fantasy Cat Trees that look like real Trees
One thing to be aware of is that this cat tree is made with real branches. This makes it one of the best cat trees that looks like a cat tree. So it is good to be careful with the humidity level in your home depending on where you place it. Cat Trees That Look like REAL TreesCat trees are nothing new but cat trees that look like real, actual trees~A Fantasy Forest~ Cat Furniture that looks like real Trees - YouTube
My name is Dan, I am the creator, designer, and builder. Fur-Real Cat Trees was founded in May 2013. The idea came to me one day as our two young cats, Holmes and Zella, were kittens. Every time someone would go out the door Holmes and/or Zella would try and sneak out with them. When they managed to get out they would run right for the bark on a tree in the yard and begin to scratch it. We began to look for cat trees in the local stores and online. After seeing how pricey they are, being a carpenter by trade, I knew I could build one.But be aware, just because they may look like trees does not mean they can endure the outside climate. These specialty products do require a little more care when it comes to that special look. I was actually researching one realistic cat tree that had real trees branches used throughout it, so humidity was something to keep in mind when maintaining this realistic cat tree.One of the things I have found when doing my research was that there is a lot of requests for realistic cat trees that are very similar to real life trees. I must say I do love the way these products look. Some of them are really cool looking! I just want to make sure I’m giving you the best cat tree review. CatsPlay Cat Furniture offers a wide selection of cat trees and kitty gyms that look like realistic trees. Our cat trees with silk leaves in birch and pine simulate a natural habitat for your cats, and serve as great playgrounds, lounge spots, and scratching surfaces for your felines. In addition, realistic cat trees with leaves blend beautifully into your home's decor!One of the most beautiful and unique lines of cat furniture ever created! They look like real trees and are custom made in the USA. Each Fantasy Cat Tree is Handcrafted with a 100% wood frame and is created to blend in with your personal decor, so you can feel good about having them in your living area.I had a big vision for these branches! But first I had to let them dry out indoors, so while I was doing that, I started browsing some inspiration for realistic-looking cat trees. Some of my favorites are at . 🙂