Handmade Real Fur Mouse Cat Toy 6 Pack

Real Rabbit Fur Long Hair Mouse Cat Toy.
Yesterday I saw a picture of a stuffed cat made of real fur on Facebook, I know these horrible "toys" are produced and sold in China, sometimes they even use coulours on the fur parts that make it impossible to find the DNA of cats and dogs, this is perverted and needs to be stopped for good!!!
Handmade Real Fur Mouse Cat Toy
... rabbit fur cat toy. ... Real Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Ball and Mouse Cat Toy Bundle 12 pieces Color Vary. by Catrageous ... Real rabbit fur cat toys; ... Bouncy Ball Real Rabbit Fur String Cat Toy by KatsNus on EtsyReal Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Cat Toy 5 Pak ** More info could be found at the image url.10 Realistic White Mice Cat Toys with Real Rabbit Fur by Zanies -- See this great product.
Your stores used to carry real-fur toy mice for cats (made from rabbit fur). For some reason, your stores have stopped carrying them. I buy them regularly, as they tend to get lost under furniture, or they degrade and I have to throw them away (I can't tell you how often I find them soaking in a water dish).

Now I have to order them online, when I'd much prefer just picking them up with my regular trips to the store for food and other pet supplies.

I'd like for Petco to get back to carrying these real-fur toy mice. My cats have zero interest in the fake-fur mice. Real fur mice cat toys are getting hard to find. We are constantly doing research to find real fur mouse. We stumbled upon these as another choice from our other .These fun cat toys are made of 100% Rabbit Fur and with a new design gives them more weight. More fun to throw or bat around. Only in Natural Color, these Pom Pom Cat Toys measure about 2 inches in diameter. Cats think that these are real!Cats love toys. They all have their favorites. It can be a sparkle ball, a glitter ball, mice, catnip, even a piece of string. When it comes to mice, this toy is at the top of the list. We have found that some cats like the rattle inside and then there are cats that have to have the rattle. We decided to offer both. Of course all the mice we offer are made with a soft plastic body surrounded by Real Rabbit fur. You can’t have enough!Cats and Kittens loves these real soft rabbit fur balls. Brings out the natural hunting instincts in your feline. Cats will actually gently carry the ball in their mouth, perfect toy for teaching your cat to play fetch. My cat actually flings the ball in the air and chases it. Cats go crazy for this toy so make sure and buy plenty for back up.It’s true. The Cat Connection sells cat toys made with real fur and other animal materials. In fact, our all-time best seller,, is made almost entirely of natural materials sourced directly from animals. We recognize the complicated ethical questions that such a toy posses – questions related not only to animal welfare, but also to sustainability, responsible sourcing and the realities of living with an animal with biological needs much different than our own.My two cats literally stand up on their hind legs to be given a new one of these, and then intensely stalk away to a "safe" place to play with their precious prey. My only criticism is that the tail is often very thin rabbit leather and gets chewed off within five minutes. But until they all mysteriously disappear somewhere, like single socks, these mousies made of real fur are my cats' favorite toys, hands down. these are the old style plastic body, fur covered mice in all grey. Been looking for them for a long time -- cats will only play with grey mice, real fur - they ignore any other toy. Wouldn't get the paper filled ones - it ends up everywhere. Cats will chase these and hide them all over - best toy - only wish they didn't chew them up so quickly. don't seem to last quite as long as the older ones. But definitely worth the purchase.