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For many cat owners, the appeal of raw is that it closely approximates a cat’s native diet. Cats in the wild eat their prey whole and have teeth that are naturally able to tear through meat. Fresh, unprocessed foods are at the heart of a raw diet, enabling cats to get the vitamins and nutrients they need, while avoiding potentially harmful preservatives like BHA and BHT.
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We incorporate some raw into our dog Ruby’s diet. She seems to do best on a rotational diet with variety so we try to mix things up a bit. Right now, our cats eat mostly Weruva with occasionally a little dry food. We have thought about incorporating some freeze dried raw in their diets, but are holding off a bit for our senior cat Elsie. She is 19 and has some health and kidney issues so we don’t want to make any sudden changes in diet. Our three kitties all like to eat together so it would be challenging to feed them different foods. Founded in 2005, Buddies Natural Pet Food is a family-run manufacturer of a wide range of raw foods, treats and supplements for cats and dogsBelieve it or not, the raw food diet for cats and dogs is also sometimes referred to as B.A.R.F. This acronym stands for Primal Pet Foods is a San Francisco, CA based manufacturer of fully prepared, human-grade raw food formulas for dogs and cats
Some cats can be notoriously hard to switch due totheir picky nature and due to the extreme addictiveness of manycommercial pet foods. Some older cats will choose commercial foods overraw food any day, even after being fed a raw diet for a while. They areconsidered "pet food junkies", if you will. They are addicted to thecarbohydrates and additives, and after eating it for so long theirbodies respond automatically to anything that smells like or resemblescommercial food.The aim of this website is to encourage people to keep this recipe in mind, and to provide them with information on the critical importance of a proper diet of whole raw foods, in combination with a more natural, holistic approach to caring for our cats. Offered here is information and practical tools for transitioning cats to a natural diet of whole raw foods, in the hope that this will help folks make the best, most natural and healthful choices on behalf of their beloved animal companions.Since it's become abundantly clear to virtually every person on the planet that ‘we are what we eat,’ it goes without saying that this same adage most certainly applies to our pets as well. Just as is the case with human beings, the role diet plays is without a doubt key to any animal’s good health. And when it comes to cats, looking to the way Mother Nature herself has been feeding felines for eons, and providing them with a diet of whole raw foods, is surely the most natural and healthy approach we can possibly take. Cats fed a prey model diet of whole raw foods are compelled to use their jaws and teeth for the purpose they were designed. This slicing and tearing action of ripping apart whole, raw meats and raw meaty bones provides a scrubbing and flossing action that helps to keep gums healthy, teeth clean and white, and jaws strong. And a healthy mouth is vital to the overall health of any animal.