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National brand raw cat foods simplify the process of feeding raw foods like never before
My 2 indoor cats have owned me for 12 years. I've fed them everything under the sun. They continued to remain slightly overweight, experience hairballs, chin acne, and once even a severe urinary tract infection. One of my cats used to lick her belly constantly until all of the fur was gone, (a sign of allergy or pain). I was so worried! The vets' recommendations weren't helping. Some months ago, I switched them to Primal brand raw cat food. Not only do they love the taste, but all of their medical issues have disappeared! The fur on my cat's stomach has returned and she no longer licks it. My cats have energy. They no longer have a hairball issue. I can't believe it took me 12 years to realize the tremendous benefits of a healthy raw food diet. Just like humans' food; we shouldn't eat such little protein and so much grain...cats' diets are the same way.
Top Best Raw Cat Food Brands
When you see Bravo pet foods in the store, you will notice that they do not look like anything fancy. The Bravo pet food company sets itself apart from the competition not by using marketing gimmicks and flashy packaging but by the quality of their products. This company was founded as a family-owned business in Manchester, Connecticut in 1942 but it didn’t enter the raw pet food scene until 2002. In just a few years, Bravo has developed an extensive line of more than 125 different products for dogs and cats, all made with the freshest, most quality ingredients available such as select cuts of meat, antibiotic-free poultry, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Bravo offers a selection of frozen raw diets for cats and dogs as well as canned food products, treats, and supplements. with commercial raw cat foods, particularly if you will provide the brand name.We stock a large variety of canned and dry cat foods, and a few brands of raw cat foodFeel confident with any brand of raw cat food purchased at Fang & Feather
Fantastic food; comes in a variety of types from dry, wet and raw grain-free diets. I currently feed fish based and rabbit based wet and raw diet from this brand. One cat is 3 years old (male) and the other is 2 years old (female). Both cats have done exceptionally well on this brand of food. Hairballs are less frequent (2xs a year max), healthy weights, great energy, beautiful coats, no blockages or urinary issues. Both kitties have had exceptional bills of health from their vet and the vet attributes this to their diet.If you are considering switching your cat over to a raw food diet, you may want to start with a commercial product instead of jumping right into homemade cat food. It is very difficult to achieve completely balanced nutrition with a homemade cat food diet unless you use a recipe approved by an animal nutritionist. To get your cat started with the raw food diet, consider one of the top-rated cat food brands below which offer raw cat food products:The benefits of raw cat food are very real and definitely worth considering, but there are some disadvantages you should think about as well. For one thing, raw cat food does not have the same shelf life as dry kibble – it must be refrigerated or frozen and it only lasts 3 to 5 days after thawing. Dry kibble can sit on the pet store shelf for weeks or months and, once opened, it doesn’t go bad nearly as fast as raw food. Another important factor to consider is the cost of raw cat food versus traditional kibble. A large bag of high-quality cat food might cost you about $20 and last you a whole month – this equates to a daily cost around $0.60 to feed your cat. Raw cat food diets can cost anywhere from $1.00 to $3.50 per day, depending on the brand and the size of your cat.The Bravo pet food company understands that cats are obligate carnivores and they design their products to meet both the nutritional needs and the natural cravings of cats. Bravo offers three different types of frozen raw diets for cats – Boneless, Basics, and Blends. Bravo Boneless is nothing but raw, premium-grade red meat and fish that comes in tubes for use in homemade raw cat food diets and there are three options: Bison, Salmon, and Venison. Bravo Basics products are a blend of meat, bone and organs which can also be used in homemade raw diets. There are four Bravo Basics flavor options – Chicken, Duck, Rabbit and Turkey. Bravo Blends are complete diets made with premium meats, organs, ground bones, and fresh vegetables, available in six different flavor options – Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Pork, and Turkey.