We found 23 Ratcat songs on chords and tabs.

They say cats are rats' arch-nemesis, but these two buddies prove it otherwise.
Where do rats live? The simple answer is, just about anywhere. This article will give you the information you need to know about how to get rid of rats. It will discuss methods that work and methods that don’t work for getting rid of rats, beginning with that traditional predator of rats and , the cat.
Sasha, the canine, Jack the cat, and Tweaks the rat are a rare but adorable trio.
In this Appalachian story, the rat loses his tail to the cat in a game of mumblety-peg. Storytellers Tom Bledsoe and Rich Kirby tell the story through the various characters the rat meets as he tries to get his tail back. Leonard Robert collected this version of Cat and Rat from storyteller Dave Couch in Leslie County, Kentucky, in 1952. Roberts published the story in Sang Branch Settlers. To help OAHS rescue more dogs, cats and rats, you can .To which famous cartoon characters are the cat and the rat compared?"We will never make it," Rat complained to Cat.
When the Mice peeped out and saw him in that position, they thought he had been hung up there in punishment for some misdeed. Very timidly at first they stuck out their heads and sniffed about carefully. But as nothing stirred, all trooped joyfully out to celebrate the death of the Cat.What are we to think then when an individual with such a forbidding intellect claims to have seen a cat-rat hybrid? In (III, Ch. 6, 23), Locke gives the following brief, but eyewitness, report:Sure enough, the Mice soon began to come out. To the Cat it was almost as if he already had a plump young Mouse under his claws, when an old Rat, who had had much experience with Cats and traps, and had even lost a part of his tail to pay for it, sat up at a safe distance from a hole in the wall where he lived.Is such a thing possible? The easy answer is “No.” But an honest one is that we simply know very little about the factors governing the ability of such disparate animals to hybridize. There is enough that many people are convinced a cross between cat and rabbit can in fact occur, which is a rather similar cross to the one under consideration here. VERSE 1
Some folks are born right in th swim
So, I've heard some folks say
But I never was a lucky lad
For I was not born that way

I'll tell you all a story
A friend of mine once said,
He was pretty sure that I
Had big wheels in my head

Then its hard luck, hard luck
Th friend of mine once't said
He was pretty sure that I
Had big wheels in my head

I had a brother, Jimmy
Th boys all called 'im Ike
One night we went to Lays saloon
N' both got in a fight

Th bartender puled a great big gun
I jumped in front of him
Th bullet went right through me
An' killed my brother, Jim

Then it's hard luck, hard luck
They hung me on th spot
Th jury said, it was through me
That brother Jim got shot

I had another brother
You bet he was a jay
He fell into coal hole
It was just the other day

He got five thousand damages
Just to walk a little lame
One day I found that coal hole open
An' I tried that same ole game

Then it's hard luck, then hard luck
When I fell thru that hole
Instead of damages I got
Six months for stealing coal

I'm traveling with a friend of mine
Who is a dry goods clerk
He of'en has night horses
N' dreams that he's at work

He dreams of silks an' satins
An whole kinds other wear
I was aroused the other night
When I heard something tear

Then it's hard luck, then hard luck
It made me feel so sad
When I found out, he'd tore up
The only shirt I had

My wife she's got a great big mouth
It's big enough for both
The other night, bound a sleep
A rat went down her throat

I went an' got a piece of cheese
N' then I got th cat
I placed th cheese upon her lip
An' waited for that rat

Then it's hard luck, hard luck
Th rat, it left its stall
Th cat it jumped an' my wife swallowed
Th rat, cat, cheese an' all So who knows? Perhaps a rat gamete and a cat gamete can on rare occasions combine and sort things out sufficiently to produce a viable organism. But any definite conclusions on this point will have to await firmer evidence. In the meantime, it can only be said that the evidence supporting this cross is meager indeed (as indicated by the reality thermometer at right).