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Dec 7, 2006 - What's a raccoon-proof cat door solution
First and foremost, making a raccoon proof cat door is difficult. Most electronic doors only lock in one direction: any animal can go out of the house, but only animals with collars are supposed to come in. The way they accomplish this is by having a pin that pops up inside the flap. If a stray or a wild animal pushes on the flap from the outside, it hits the pin and won't open. This works pretty well, until you run into raccoons. These wily critters can and do figure out that by pulling the flap out, they can defeat the lock and get into a house. The SureFlap door solves this problem by having locking pins on both sides of the flap. This means that the door needs to unlock to move in either direction, defeating the raccoons "pull it open" strategy.
Raccoon-proof cat door
The door might be raccoon proof, but it is not angry cat proof. My husband installed the door yesterday after we read the instructions. The cats have to be right up on the door before it works. They havent figured it out yet. This evening, my husband went to check the door and found the top inside panel pulled off the door and the wires inside pulled it. One of the cats managed to claw it off and pull the wires. It's not fixable, so I am out 173.00 (I ordered 4 extra tags also) Raccoon-proof cat doorElite RFID Patio Pet Doors | Raccoon proof cat doorsRaccoon-proof cat door | 4-legged Children | Pinterest | Doors and Cats
The DualScan and Pet Door models are raccoon proof, and the Pet Door has a timer function so that it can be set for in-only mode after a specified time at night, and then it won't let the pets back out until the specified time in the morning. The timer or curfew function is great for cat owners who want to keep their pets in at night, and also for dog owners who have a dog that runs outside and barks after they leave for work early in the morning.While I can’t testify that the door is totally raccoon-proof, I can say that as of this writing, we’ve had several raccoons attempt to get through, so far without success. With our last cat door, a raccoon just needed to insert a claw under the flap and pull, and in he came. This door seems to be made of sterner stuff.In the world of electronic cat doors, there two features that are hard to come by; raccoon proofing and getting rid of the need for collar keys. SureFlap has accomplished both of these goals.Unless you get the racoons out of your house, by any means necessary, you will end up with a horrible emergency vet appointment sometime soon. I had this problem and my vet told me in no unclear terms to take this as a very serious danger to my cats. Anon After having many racoon ''break ins'' over the years with my family and my clients, I have devised a way to keep those guys out of the building: Racoons cannot leap, they can only climb. Cats, on the other hand can leap quite high. By placing the cat door above the reach of the racoons and giving your cats a platform to land on in front of the raised cat door, you have solved the problem! It also keeps skunks at bay. It takes a bit of time for the cats to figure out the new set up but most of the time they get it pretty quickly. I have installed this arrangement several times with great success. If you're interested in more details, let me know. Erich Hayner How about locking the cats outside with a safe box of some kind to sleep in? OR not leaving any food out for them during the night inside (wherever the raccoons are coming in). They certainly won't starve from 8 hours without food. I know how awful this is, raccoons are scary and WAY too smart. Not a fan of raccoons My magnetic cat door worked like a charm for years, but all of a sudden, I'm in the same boat you are. Some day, I'll get around to buying the really expensive ($350?), truly raccoon- proof door previously recommended by many parents in this newsletter. Until I do, though, I've found an easy way to keep the raccoons out -- just take the cat food and water bowls away at night. I put them in another room right before I go to bed. Once the raccoons figured out that there's no food there at night, they stopped coming in. Our cat somehow survives without food until dawn. When I wake up, I present the food and water to a very appreciative cat. Janet We used to have the same problem. We had to close the cat door and let the cats in thru the doorway for a while. We had a baby possum living in the garage for a little while before I discovered a really wierd looking poop (and discovered where the smell was coming from)For small doggies and cats, a couple of the most popular models are the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door and Cat Mate “Elite” 305 Super Selective Electronic Cat Door. These are two models that are raccoon proof!SureFlap DualScan door is very good, and functions as advertised. Cat owners should consider this automatic feline door as a solution for problems with handling multiple cats. It is also perfect for cat owners with a raccoon within the area, since the unit is raccoon-proof. A raccoon cannot enter the door. You can select cats you want to keep indoor or outdoor.