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My kitten (10 months old) has been on Purina pro plan kitten food since I got her last April. After starting a new bag last week she threw up her entire meal 15 minutes after eating till it was bail. This bag has an expiration date of April 2016. My kitten has NEVER thrown up, even a hair ball! The next morning she tried the food again, same thing. After reading some of the reviews online I was terrified my kitten was going to die! I ended up switching her immediately to a holistic brand and she has been doing fine since. She will not be eating Purina brand anything ever again. Also as I was cleaning out her litter box I noticed she had bloody stool from the food. I am absolutely heartbroken that I gave her this poison! My mom the next day opened up a new bag of Purina food for her cat and the cat threw it all up as well! Terrible! Something is going on with this food for sure!
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Oh, yes…I swear Jinx can tell time! LOL They do love their new Purina Pro Plan cat food, and we all had fun putting the Meow review together. 🙂 Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Reviews - CatFoodDBPurina Pro Plan Cat Food Reviews and Ratings - BestCatFoodForCatsPurina Pro Plan For Cats Reviews - Cats & Kittens
I'm surprised at the negative comments. We have 3 cats and had a lot of problems with other pet foods. We put them on Purina Pro Plan cat food (dry) and they all seem healthy. They also really like the food a lot - it's the only cat food all three of them could agree on. They literally beg for it at night. The problem with it is the ingredients. I was trying to get them to eat Blue Buffalo to switch them to a healthy good, but well, check out the Blue Buffalo reviews here and you'll see the problem. So we defaulted to this brand. I am sure glad I’ve read all these reviews regarding Pro Plan by purina. My 2 inside cats are senior now, they are 7 years old. They’re favorite at present is Friskies Chunky Chicken with garden veggies, and rice in gravy. Purina made ingredient change and called it in Gravy. I think that as long as they like it, I will not change for one of them, she is on the slender side. My other cat will eat dry food and wet food, but I manage her weight, she’s on heavy side, so I feed her less portion then the other one. She now eats Purina Cat Chow Complete and have to watch daily portions. Several months ago I tried to feed them Natural Balance, again only one of them will eat dry food and stopped buying it because she prefer’s Purina Cat Chow Complete and small portions of wet food.
Now, I have a outside senior Maine Coon cat, that someone left behind. He looked hungry one day 3 1/2 years ago. He will eat anything I put out, I feed him the same Cat Chow Complete and add a little wet food to make softer for his old teeth. He loves it and looks pretty healthy for an outside cat. Of course, he has his own cat house for those rainy and cold days. When it freezes, I put him in the Garage. This is Texas of course weather here winter is not long.Within the last year due to health problems with 2 of my cats I have switched to Purina Pro Plan Focus diets. My 1 year old Maine Coon Cat was diagnosed with a complete urinary blockage and after hospitalization and treatment was sent home with an expensive Prescription Diet. After 6 months on this diet he was doing well but the cost was prohibitive and after MUCH research and reading hundreds of reviews I came across the Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Diet for cats that you didn't need a prescription for and was very reasonably priced. It is safe for all of my cats to eat this diet and I am thrilled to say that after 11 months on this diet he is healthier than ever and has not had one problem.