Purina Pro Plan Savor En Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

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I rescued a 10-year old cat a few years ago and began feeding her Purina Pro Plan. She seems to enjoy it and the food is affordable and my vet is impressed with her health.
Purina Pro Plan Focus Kitten En Rice Formula Dry Cat Food
I have six inside cats. I've fed them each one 3 oz. can a day of Purina Pro Plan canned cat food, mostly the chicken and rice, turkey and rice and salmon and rice, all in gravy, for several years now. But a few weeks ago, all six of my cats all got really bad diarrhea for weeks, and some of them were throwing up too. I had to put throw rugs down all over my house because I was cleaning up many times a day because they could not make it to the litter box and they were throwing up a lot too. Also, there was blood in their stools. So, I switched to another canned food. I did nothing else. I did not switch their hard cat food which is another brand and organic and finally after weeks of my cats being sick, one by one, they all had hard stools again and stopped throwing up, so I know it was the Purina Pro Plan canned cat food. Top 38 Complaints And Reviews About Purina Pro Plan Cat FoodPurina Pro Plan Savor En Rice Formula Dry Cat FoodPurina Pro Plan Savor En Rice Formula Dry Cat Food
I started feeding my 13+ (strictly indoor all his life) cat Purina Pro Plan Urinary tract formula (morning) and metabolism formula (afternoon) canned food about a month ago. The first week he was fine. The second week he started having a little diarrhea and then he started projectile vomiting a greenish-yellow bile for 3 days in a row until I finally took him to the vet. $180 later my vet told me that my cat had unusually high amount of Spirochetes in his gut. Prior to feeding him Purina I had always feed him Iams indoor hard cat food but he lost his front teeth and couldn't digest the food as well anymore. After reading all the other reviews I am totally confident that the Purina is the culprit. All cans aren't due to expire until 2018.Purina Pro Plan Canned Cat Food - Chicken & Beef Entree, Adult 11+, Classic Ground. Cat#1: Bob, 12 yr., 18# (very large kitty, not fat!), medium long hair tabby in excellent health. Cat#2: Jake, 3 yr., 13# (still gawky skinny big kitty, not fat!), American short-hair/main coon mix, also in excellent health. Symptoms at each exposure: severe projectile vomiting, feverish, less energy, still eating, still drinking, still hungry AFTER puking, still pooping and peeing, stool's a little watery, gag/huffing for days after. Purchased late April 2016 + 5/3/2016 from PetCo, Walla Walla, WA 99362.I have 7 cats, 2 have sensitive stomachs, so I tried the pro plan sensitive stomach formula. All 7 cats threw it up, they couldn't even digest this food. It came back out the same as it went in. Didn't even look like it had been eaten. Hello Purina, it's sensitive stomach formula... Get my drift?? I will never feed your crappie food to my animals again. I have a pet parent. I trained their dog. He works at the Purina plant here in Denver, he warned me to not feed Purina. The guy works there!!! I'm happy he was honest with me. Purina is a disgrace to our pets!!We have a Bengal Breed female. Sometimes she is a bit finicky. And then we switch to Fancy Feast filet mignon with seafood and shrimp. I do not know why it's called seafood and shrimp, since shrimp mostly comes from the sea. The freshwater shrimp are prawns. Our cat normally loves the Purina Pro Plan though.When I first got Pepper back in October 2014, the adoption clinic strictly instructed me that she should only eat Purina Pro Plan Cat Food and nothing else. She seems to like it and she will meow at me whenever she can see the bottom of her bowl with the food pushed to the edges. I don't know if it's her acting like a child pushing her "peas" to the side or she's actually enjoying it and she's eating straight down. However, after recent events (involving her throwing up a clear mucus-y substance and avoiding the litter box entirely) and six recalls (two of which I had to return the bagged food) I'm thinking of switching to Nature's Variety as she heartily enjoyed the sample that I was given.I have been feeding both wet and dry Purina Cat food for years. Within the past few months my adult boy cat refused to eat the wet food, Pro Plan. He is a big boy, healthy, and eats the dry food, Purina One. I chalked up his refusing to eat the wet food as being finicky. Then I got a feral cat a month ago whom I had spayed and had to keep inside for three weeks during the cold weather. I started feeding her both the wet and dry food. She seemed fine initially for the first five days, then she started having diarrhea and vomiting yellow bile. I thought it was due to the antibiotics I had her on for a respiratory infection. Well, I stopped the antibiotics one week ago. She no longer has a respiratory infection. She has been tested for Fluke and FIV, both are negative. She continues to vomit and have diarrhea.